10 Tricks to Successfully Market Your Business According to Google Masterminds

October 23, 2013 digital marketing

The online space is eclipsed by Google’s most viable Internet offering – Search. There are a few basic principles that Google uses to create the marketing magic that they are famous for.

And the secret is out! Get the dope on Google’s marketing strategies to leverage your business and increase sales:

1. Be relevant

One of the main reasons Google is nailing it is because their search results are relevant to what people are looking for. These search results impact the decision-making process of a consumer. It is important for your business to be relevant to its target audience, help them with problem-solving and decision-making.

2. Elementary, my dear Watson!

Keeping it simple is the key to any great business. Look at how simple the Google homepage is. No muss, no fuss. Simplify your processes, your communication, your marketing strategies and your USP. An uncluttered, concise webpage too can knock it out of the ballpark.

3. Hit them where it hurts

Your business needs to target people when they are in the mood to buy. This is usually when they are searching for a product or contact information. When you weave in editorial content with commercial content, your consumer is bound to sit up and take notice.

4. Know your boundaries

Try not to push your commercial message in consumers’ faces when they are interacting with and engaged in online content such as podcasts, videos or news. Consumers might see you as an interruption and that might have a negative impact on your business. Instead, target them when they are searching for something online.

5. Be content with good content

There’s nothing like engaging, relevant content to get the ball rolling. Google’s search algorithm is not going to rank a commercial, content-free website very highly. So make sure your website is rife with meaningful content.

6. The test is best

Before Google puts anything online, it tests the bejeezus out of it. This error-free track record is why Google has managed to retain its ‘awesomeness’. Before you go ‘live’ with anything, check it, and check it well.

7. Get a good ‘track’ record

Use Google tools such as DoubleClick, AdWords and Google Analytics to see if your ads are meeting the objective it was intended to. If you interpret this objective data well, you could let plenty of insights into consumer behaviour and more.

8. Make Adjustments, Go Get It Energized!

Ted Mosby may have used this impromptu phrase to get out of an embarrassing situation at class, but it really does make sense! The data that you gather by tracking applications, ads, websites etc can allow you to readjust your game plan and reenergize your marketing strategies, just like Google does.

9. Better the devil you know

It’s always wise to acknowledge your competition. Study what they are doing online and how you can trump their efforts. Think carefully about who your competitors might be before you create your marketing strategies.

10. SEM is your girlfriend, not your wife

While SEM may be a great way to market a business, it is wise not to rely solely on it. Also, explore conventional advertising media to promote your business.

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