13 Sins a Rookie Graphic Designer is
bound to make, you better not!

March 13, 2017 Graphic Design

Without any ado let’s directly jump onto the mistakes, or rather let’s call it ignorant mistakes that designers tend to make which will surely hurt your ego when you meet the critics later in your career.

1. Don’t flatten any PS file, it will hurt!

Don’t ever do that, who knows the prickly client might want you to make a minor change (: or You, if you’ve got attention to details like us, you might want to change something to make the design perfect or have to correct a wrong copy. Flattening the file will merge all the layers and ta-da you’ve got busy again!

2. Comic Sans- is declared to be a taboo word by the residents of planet earth!

Get rid of the thought that comic sans is even a font type. The funny looking comic style deserves to stay in the children comic books and nowhere else, NOWHERE ELSE! If you respect yourself as a designer, don’t even use it in comic books!!

3. Bleeding space, forgot that, really? I could cut you into pieces, says the print!

Do you want your design to be cut? Then why you no consider the bleeding margins! Especially for print media, it is a must to maintain a bleeding area, which is allowed to cut when sending any design to print.

4. Not saving files with proper names, causes Mary to search all her files AGAIN!

Oh, aren’t you one of those Rookie designers who have tons of laziness filled in you? Time to get organized. Saving the files with proper names will eventually help you save time, not mistakenly delete any file, and have things ready instead of searching a million files again and again.

5. Create a logo that works print and media both or you will be left alone.

Your logo design is not going places if you design keeping in mind only either of them. While designing a logo there are a certain set of rules you need to abide by.

6. Not proofreading the copy makes you a loser!

Read it again. A small typo can make your design of no use to your client. Have you heard -Once on the internet, it can never disappear. Don’t stain your career, with wrong grammar! You could even use online plugins like the awesome, Grammarly! We do too!

7. Centre aligning too much text will show your audience away.

Centre aligning too much text makes a shabby design, plus your readers are going to have a tough time. Additionally, it may cause a fatal unbalance to your design. Save your design by justifying or left/right alignment of the text.

8. Kerning a font is a battle! – And you must not lose!

Remember- No kerning is better than bad kerning! If not done correctly, your text can even be misread and there are enough examples of such blenders on the World Wide Web.

9. Being impatient with PS clipping tool will take you back to 1960s.

A poorly clipped image will make you look very unprofessional and unresourceful. Remember bad photoshop in old movies? Sometimes you just need to spend some good time clipping your image and the hard work will pay off!

10. Looking on stock websites for logos proves you a fool!

Is that where you go? If you are looking for logos on Free Stock websites, why are you even a designer! Yeah, the first rule of being a designer is using your own brains. Moreover, your client might just run into some copyright issue for copying a logo.

11. Using RGB for print is like jumping in a pool of crocodiles, you will be bitten!

We won’t say anything if you mistakenly use CMYK for a digital media design but using RGB for print media will throw back your design in a miserable way. It is a mandate for you to know the difference between both and know that you must not use RGB for print.

12. Raster is not wise, use vector!

Raster format is encompassed of pixels, vector encompasses pathways. This allows ease of editing and resizing whenever required.

13. Overdoing shadows and embossing will be embarrassing…

Not everything requires a shadow or embossing nor does everything looks beautiful with it. It will in turn make your design very tacky which is out of style and is never coming back! Your design will shout it out that you are an immature if you go for it unnecessarily.

Let us know in the comments below, if you have anymore tips for the designers reading our blog.

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