6 set of skills a motion designer possess to inspire

Motion animation, motion graphics, flat animation, graphical video presentation are different notations how people recognize moving graphics. The world has seen how motion graphics have survived and grown since the time of Charlie Chaplin to Charlie Sheen and still has a promising future. Everything we perceive is growingly having a touch of motion graphic animation, every movie, TV show, advertising, etc. The current scenarios itself are witnesses to the approaching motion graphic wave.As you all know, we have recently started video creation services, we decided to acquaint you with the basics of motion design and video graphics.

Here are a few hacks to turn the tables round:

  • Pose as a graphic designer or be one!

    Possessing graphic designing skills is one of the essentials that holds utmost importance! A motion designer gives life to static graphic illustrations. Creating graphics is the first step of creating the video, like c’mon, you must have an object to rotate it!!

  • Paper projects reduces rework and raises the certainty of perfection

    Sometimes it’s so difficult to construct a figure on a computer but far easier to sketch it on a paper. Our LOGO blog also mentions the importance of paper work. So creating a storyboard comes very handy and eases the pain of recreating designs for minor issues, like if you choose to place a coin in the characters hand but it does not look visually appealing, it is easier to work it out on the paper beforehand rather than making changes at end stage. It reduces the chances of getting ideas wrongly and more over helps you sculpt the perfect castle in your mind. To help you understand better we have included an infographic, #Tips for creating a successful storyboard! Bonus! It will save you a lot of time

  • 3D skills

    Along with increasing popularity for 2D videos, with the dynamic technological advances, 3D animation is equally gaining importance and is being used vastly, e.g. Movies, TV shows, News Channels, such examples are many! So polish your 3D animation skills today.

  • Master the skill of Animation

    No need to discuss this, if you are a motion designer it’s no brainer to you. But in motion design, setting the key frames after one another is not just enough, a thorough knowledge about animation and various tools is a must (here are a few Video creation software you might be familiar with, Adobe After effects, Adobe Illustrator, Maxon Cinema 4D, AUTODESK MAYA are great to start with). You must know how to move objects in a visually appealing manner to actually make your video work well or as great as you want! You should know when to pause, when to stress, when to ease out and you should understand the character of your video to bring it to life.

  • Use of design nuclears, ‘typography and color scheme’

    You might know the correct use of ‘typography’ and ‘colors’ reading our previous blogs. The appropriate use of typography and colors is one of the most essential elements of learning and creating visual designs. And its use is explosive! Wrong colors and wrong typography can kill your video.

  • Creativity and Originality

    Is there anything that’s new to you? If yes, what world are you living in, dude? Run if you wanna be successful, rather wanna just be good at what you do and want to do good to continue. If it’s creative, people will watch and acknowledge it. If you’re original, people will copy you and get inspired by you. Just think! You might also inspire people… 

    Have more hacks to add? Comment below and let us know. We are all ears!

How to make sh*t happen!

We all know how distracting and disturbing things get when you really, badly, like urgently need to get some work done. And on the day of submission people tend to bother us even more.

We have a quick checklist for you to speed up the work and kick off all the disturbances:

1. Stay healthy, stay bright

A healthy body influences a healthy mind. Stay fit, eat healthily and rise early. Practice healthy habits and physical exercise if possible. It fills in positive energy to start the work.

2. De-clutter your workstation

Clear your desk. Put away extra papers lying around, collect all stationary in one place. Keep away everything else that you won’t be needing.

3. Shut off Social Media distractions

We know it is very tempting and has become a daily routine to regularly check our phones and social media updates and keep a continuous track of it. But shutting that off for a while or even a day wouldn’t make much difference to your life! Done, tested, ok. You can go for it!

4. Note down every thought

As we have mentioned it in our earlier blogs also, carry a pen and notepad everywhere (smart phones have conveniently replaced the need). This won’t disturb you and will help you not missing out on any thought.

5. Eat the frogs first:

No, not literally, we mean to attack the worst and the most tedious task first. Focus and try finishing it to the best of your attention. Once the master of all villains is killed the game then becomes a child’s play.

6. Track time:  

Keep a track of time. Every task you appoint yourself should have a deadline to increase productivity and get the task finished within the given time.

7. Take a break:

If you are stuck for more than 30 minutes, get up, leave the chair, and take a break.

8. Tune into music

Music is the best escape and is a person’s best friend at work. Put your headphones on, unstring yourself from everyone. Music will help you stay focused, ignore PEOPLE. Your colleagues will also avoid disturbing you seeing you detached. Music also helps you work in sync with your co-worker and speed up the productivity of your team. When music is on people avoid unnecessary conversations keeping it short and to the point.

9. Hell no

Nobody other than you will understand the urgency of your work and consequences of unfinished tasks. Stand for yourself to save your butt, politely say no, and make them understand the urgency and they will not feel very bad to be put down. Working as a team leader, take the responsibility and guard your team against these time killing and distracting monsters.

10. Don’t check your phone & Emails while nailing the task

It is a big distraction and checking mobile phones takes a lot of time even if it’s the tiniest task on the phone (you wouldn’t agree more with us!). Give your work priority and get it done as soon as possible. Invest the time that you will lose on your phone or replying to emails in completing the Sh*t (we mean the task) you’ve got. You might see a mail with some urgent task but if you do not check the mail because of being on another deadline, it will be easier to deal with all your tasks.

Now that we’ve taught you how to be productive and how to get shit done, so go hooman work all day, party all night!

LOGO: Ultimate guide for the making.

Designing a logo is easier said than done. Designers are sunk in thought to make it meaningful. If you might have done some logo design research you must understand. If not let’s give you a guided tour for designing.

Simple and basic rules to follow when you start designing a logo from the scratch:

1. Preliminary work is a must!

Pick a tool; pen/pencil. Pick a place; desk/outdoors. Take a blank drawing board and start to sketch or just draft using a vector program, such as Illustrator. The time spent on this rough sketching will pay off at the later stages of your design. You are creating the base plan of your structure. Remember the rough sketches lead to innovation in a static idea. Planning is half the work done.

2. Ask questions!

Doesn’t matter even if you bombard the client with questions, Do it! It will reflect in your logo; this procedure has proven to be as important as the idea of the logo itself. You need to sublime with the client’s ideology about the brand and expected logo, hence immerse in the idea that your client suggests. Again note that the design should be yours and not what client draws, remember ‘YOU’ are the designer.

3. Keep it simple

Do not clutter or try to do too many things with one design. Try different options but don’t it mix all in one for the thirst of creating something out of the world. Complex graphics, multiple fonts, and too many colors are barely going to make any room for your logo to leave an impression in the customer’s mind. Simplicity is not the goal but the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations, as said by Paul Rand.

4. Careful with the colors, they are empathic…

Speaking of colors, every color ruminates a different emotion, feeling and a message to resonate. If you might have read our previous blog, ‘Hear what tale the colors tell’ you will know. Colors possess the ability to make your design remarkable yet sometimes it is very suitable to go greyscale or monochrome. Keeping it grey, an immortal lifespan of the logo is encouraged.

5. Typography: Beware of the “font communication!”

Typography also communicates like colors. Various fonts have diverse meanings. The wrong typo in the logo can create miscommunication. For instance, a Handwritten or a comic font is completely unsuitable for a Corporate Company. Also, use of too many fonts is very overwhelming! It’s a strict no-no in our studio. Do not distract the viewer by involving more than two fonts.

6. Bring it to balance

“Check alignment!” every designer must say it aloud before settling on any design! Designers should have an Eagle-eye on the alignment of his design. We have a keen eye for details! We never miss any. Balance the weight. By ‘weight’ here we mean both, the size and its density. The weight of the color can also be managed by using darker or lighter shades. A balanced logo is visually appealing.

7. Size matters

The ill sized logo is considered a poor design. Design in a size that doesn’t make it stressful for the viewer to understand. For example, if the brand name inside the logo is written in a relatively smaller size, it becomes very unamiable. Choose a size that balances all aspects of the logo. Also, ensure that your logo can be scaled to any other size and is compatible with multiple media.

8. Ideology: suit the company

The logo you design must tailor the needs of the client, as well as suit the background of the company. For instance, if you are a designing for a restaurant it is completely moronic to use objects like a book or football in place of a something related to food or the restaurant culture in the logo. Do your research, explore all avenues!

9. Avoid effects, just KISS it!

Try applying effects to check if it suits your logo but it is often best to keep it simple. “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. The real identity is the KISS effect of the logo. Take the example of McDonald’s logo by Jim Schindler in 1962, the simple and remarkable design has become the beacon of inspiration to logo designers.

10. Remember the goal is Recognition

While creating a design bear in mind, the logo of the company represents the organization. Therefore the logo should be unique and as easy as to spot a black sheep in the herd of white. The company will henceforth be depicted by this logo you design so you are smart enough to decide, whether you want to turn the heads and be the talk of the town or be a matter of laugh in the town.

11. Keep it original, mark its value

Being inspired is a sign of a good leader, but copying the ideas makes you unethical. Originality is the rule of thumb. This moral differentiates a good designer from the herd. To make the design a trademark and to achieve a value for the brand name…Take a chance, cook your ideas and present the best dish in your mind!

7 essentials of being sane and creative

“Judge your own design! You are your best critique” are the words you will often hear in our studios. We have filled the place with amazing posters to boost over motivation but not everybody is so fortunate we know (just kidding, we are just so in love with our workplace, we can’t help it). So to provide you with a dose of the missing motivation and to make you realize decisive things more or less ignored, we are writing today.

Here are some quotes and sayings we preach,

1. “Don’t be a pet, be a free human”

Do what you feel is right. If you are doing what others want you to do, you are nothing different than a pet, who listens to his master only and uses no extra brains or should we say works on remote controls placed in other’s hands? If you want to be a human, a creative human, take a stand, do what you love and work for yourself more than anyone else! And above all judge yourself.

2. “Instinct and intuition are powerful. Learn to trust them”,

says John C Jay. Is he right? What does your instinct say? Question everyone and everything. Just because the internet says, don’t accept it to be a fact. Trust yourself, your inner voice and instincts more than your wife/girlfriend! By that, we mean trust it more than any force in this universe.

3. Work hard, party harder!

Don’t really know who said it but we believe it, we work our asses off and party like frogs! This is the only thing that prevails, working hard works in your favor when all else is lost. There is one thing about working hard, it’s easier said than done, in the rough phase people often tend to give up because they got options and they choose it. But it’s never about options, you’ve got to work hard if you are envying someone’s life right now.

4. You always have an option but it’s all about choices.

It’s the story of every face on Forbes magazine cover, at the awards or on TV, we are talking about that every person who has ever inspired you to become an inspiration to self. Everybody finds options while walking, it’s you who has to make the choice of either continuing or choosing the option to walk away with ease. You must see the road to achieving dreams with blurring all these options.

5. Stupid people either drive you crazy or make you one of them!

Don’t work for stupid people, it’s contagious and not good for a creative beings’ health. Highly avoid working with/for stupid people and now you know why. Well, we know why, it’s like re-doing and overdoing the already well-made road, dropping your nuts and bolts out and losing your mind! (Been there, done that).

6. Get off the computer, move away from the screens

And connect with nature, real people and culture to explore the vivid possibilities which are yet untouched or under-explored. Don’t limit your vision to the computer screens and the virtual world inside of it. Connecting with realistic beings makes you feel lively and creative.

7. Travel as much as you can.

It is a new and quite an overwhelming experience in all. It inspires the soul by the realization of its existence, makes you humble and opens your mind clogs. It’s awfully wonderful to experience the things you never knew existed and reminds you to be a learner always. Realize how much you don’t know and embrace it all.

So pick up your fallen pieces of brains and run!
Got something to say? Leave a comment below, we promise to acknowledge…