7 Most popular WordPress plugins that makes it a whole lot easier!

A plugin is a nifty piece of software which when installed, add a lot of features and functionality to a WordPress website. Plugins are written in PHP programming language and integrate seamlessly with WordPress creating a fantastic user experience. And the best part is, one need not write a single line of code to install and use these plugins for the WordPress website. However, one needs to exactly know which of the plugins to be used so that they create a brilliant user experience and don’t slow down the site. Some of the top WordPress development companies in India use these plugins effectively to amazing effect.  Now, so can you!

Some of the popular WordPress plugins across categories that are an absolute ‘must-haves’ are:

1. Google Analytics

The mother of all! Google Analytics is an absolute must have to analyse the performance of your website. It allows you to know exactly what a visitor is doing on your site. And the best part, like most Google goodies, it is absolutely Free!


2. Optinmonster 

Pop-ups requesting for email ID’s is a real pain in the… (you know where!) But with Optinmonster, such pop-ups could be made really inviting, so that the visitor, in most cases, would end up parting the email ID thereby increasing your list.


3. Ninja Forms

Forms allow the visitors to contact you. Create beautiful, highly functional and inviting forms with the free version of Ninja Forms. The building interface is also very simple and clear so that even a beginner can pick up in no time.


4. WordFence

 Protect your most important asset on the net, your website, with WordFence. This open source and a free plugin are capable of providing enterprise-level security. It not only detects any current breaches but proactively works to strengthen the security against any future breach too.


5. Updraft Plus

Even after taking the best security measures, it is important to backup your site, so that in case of an attack, your content is safe. With Updraft Plus one can be sure that the entire website is backed-up and restoration can be easy whenever required.


6. Yoast SEO

We know you strive hard to spice up your content for SEO. But, sometimes you will need the help of a partner which is the best SEO services company in India or the second best option is Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO analyses your content and provides inputs/feedback on all SEO elements so you can be sure that it is the most search engine optimised site.


7. WooCommerce

If you are an e-retailer, then WooCommerce is a must for you! One of the most robust ecommerce plugin available on WordPress, it has a host of themes, and add-ons making it very easy to set up an e-shop and start generating revenues. It can also handle most payment gateways and has a robust reporting options giving you real-time information.


So, if you are on a shoe-string budget and cannot afford professional help, then install these plug-ins and see the result for yourself.

Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful SEO

Search Engine Optimization, what we popularly call as SEO gets a lot of transformation every now and then. The tricks to a successful SEO today were completely unknown in the previous years and the ones that held useful in those times are now completely out. Successful SEO techniques today are far more extensive and intelligent than they used to be in the past.

So here is a quick do’s and don’ts list that helps you keep updated and ranked higher!

1. Do Select your keyword intelligently

As also discussed in our post- SEO Cheat Sheet, selecting a keyword is the first and the most important step of a successful SEO document. It is imperative that the keyword describes the basic idea that your post is about. Also, instead of just focusing on one keyword, find more alternative keywords to use in your documents.

2. Don’t take usefulness for granted

Imagine yourself as a reader who is looking for some information and has landed on a sheer useless page while following the search engine results. Would you ever want to revisit the page? Obviously not! On the other hand, if you land on the page which has all the relevant information on your subject and some more related information comes to you as a bonus, you might even end up bookmarking the page and visiting the page every now and then! The same follows for your readers, so treat your visitors with dignity and don’t fool them with keywords without giving them any value.

3. Ensure Uniqueness

All the content you post on your website must provide authentic and unique information to the visitors. As per recent ranking algorithms, presenting your readers with fresh information which can be useful to them is a great way of boosting your web page ranking. This happens because the pages that have unique information not found on other websites are marked up by Google and other popular search engines.

4. Do think of Long-term

Deceptive SEO tricks aka Black Hat SEO tricks might work for you in the short run but not in the longer run. As soon as Google identifies an unethical marketing tactic, it gets invalidated by the updated search algorithm. In fact, the website making use of such ‘shortcut tricks’ could be penalized too. So tricks such as article spinning, doorway pages, and duplicate content etc. should be completely avoided, there doing no good to you in the long run. Thus called BLACK Hat.

5. Do maintain the quality of your content

Stuffing your content with keywords is totally out. Search engines simply ignore the pages that show repetitive and irrelevant content, so if your page is stuffed with keywords and the content inside is of no use, it is certainly not going to fetch a good rank in search results. Hence, use of keywords should be made without any compromises on the quality of the content, information provided and flow of the article.

6. Do Pay attention to your title tags

This should not be a difficult task especially when your pages contain relevant content. Much like the past, title tags still continue to play an important role in page rankings. This makes it essential and important for all the aspirants of a successful SEO to describe in their tags, exactly and precisely what their content conveys. As also described in our post ‘Stellar SEO Tactic to Employ in Your Strategy’, it can be a good chance to incorporate keywords relevant to your page.

7. Don’t forget there are other search engines too

(apart from Google)

The fact that presently Google attracts the major traffic of search engines users cannot be ignored but at the same time it is important to keep in mind that other search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Duckduckgo are setting a strong foot too, or at least we don’t want to miss out on those users! Therefore, the visibility of your webpages across these search engines also matters a lot and employing a good strategy to improve that should be a good idea. The importance of doing so has also been highlighted by us in ‘Important SEO Tips Post Google’s Mobilegeddon’ .

Everything you need to know about the Golden Ratio

The smart people know about this by now. If you don’t, find out about it sooner than never.

And if you are a designer, The Golden ratio (Divine proportion) is a concept, you must be familiar with to get aesthetically right and appealing designs. Knowing this concept will play a major role in getting established due to its wide range of successful usage over several years and the sense it puts into your design.

What is “The Golden ratio”?

This is special number was encountered by an equation where a line is divided into two parts. The longer part divided by the shorter part will be equal to the length of the whole line divided by the longer part, confused? See below, this whole calculation can be depicted in a form of an equation as,

The Golden ratio


(Golden ratio – Wikiwand)

 A/B = (A+B)/A = 1.6180339887498948420 …

It’s symbolized by ‘phi’ (21st letter of the Greek alphabet). Resembling Fibonacci sequence to a great extent, (if you go back to school mathematics lessons or The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown), the Golden Ratio is known to delineate a perfectly symmetrical relationship between two particular proportions, explained above.

This concept can also be demonstrated by using a large GOLDEN RECTANGLE consisting of a square with edges of equal lengths similar to the shortest length of the rectangle and a small rectangle. To proceed with, once you remove this former square from the rectangle, there will be a remaining portion of smaller Golden Rectangle. Surprisingly, this step can be continued INFINITELY, similar to Fibonacci numbers which work in just the opposite way.

Drawings on rocks and caves carry an evidence about the use of Golden Ratio for over 4,000 years! Some historians have suggested that this principle has also been used by Ancient Egyptians in building Pyramids, so here lies the secret of every marvel our eyes pop out at.

During the ultra-modern days, the pertinence of this concept was used as the basic inspiration in almost every stratum of art which is widely accepted by people all over the world. The most famous examples of such include masterpieces of Greek architecture and the famous drawing ‘Last Supper’.

master pieces of Greek architecture1

Interestingly, The Golden ratio concept has been vastly observed everywhere in nature around us, especially on flower petals, sea-shells (snail shells, nautilus shells), seed heads, tree branches, pineapples, spiral galaxies, DNA molecules, animal bodies, on honeycombs and even human body, that’s almost in everything! It’s a magic figure.

The Golden Ratio in Nature Seashell

(The Golden Ratio in Nature: Seashells, www.pinterest.com)

How to construct a Golden rectangle?

The basic creation of the golden rectangle is very simple and has an extensive application.

Here are the steps:

1. Draw a square, which will form the shorter-edge of the rectangle we are going to form

2.Divide the square into two equal parts with a vertical line.

3.Choose one rectangle and draw a diagonal line joining one corner with the opposite.

3.Rotate this new line, so it will appear horizontally adjacent to the initially drawn rectangle.

4.Finally, create a new rectangle by using this horizontal line with one vertical edge acting common to both the initial and new rectangles.

a Golden rectangle


Now that the basic structure is formed, you can make necessary alterations and adjustments for creating the necessary design, according to the requirements and guidelines.

Golden rectangle


The easy way

Have you ever heard of something called ‘Rule of Thirds’?

This is a concept created where a certain area is divided into three equal parts both horizontally and vertically so that the lines of the intersection will ultimately give rise to a natural focal point in determining its fundamental shape. This basis is used by most of the photographers in capturing delightful compositions by placing the key subject on one of these lines of intersection, and focusing on it, thus enhancing the perfection of its virtual identity. Moreover, designers can use the same principle can be used in page layouts, web interfaces, mockups, and poster designs.

Application of this principal to a rectangle will give an outcome similar to that of a golden rectangle, creating a satisfactory and pleasant creative.

Before concluding the article, we thought of making you aware of few applications available in the cyberspace, which will ease the usage of this golden ratio precisely and more creatively in your day to day design work.


2.Golden Ratio Typography Calculator


4.Atrise Golden Section

Have fun, exploring!