Infinista Concepts Listed in Feedspot Top 100 Social Media Blogs

February 8th, 2017 proved to be a remarkable day for Infinista Concepts as it was honored to be amongst the top 100 social media blogs and websites on the web. While the list includes some of the highly-regarded names in the digital world like Hootsuite, Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today and many more, Infinista is proud to have achieved a coveted spot amongst them. The list is curated by Feedspot, a Modern RSS Reader that allows readers to find all their favorite websites and blogs in one place. Instead of visiting several websites, Feedspot gives access to all the content on a single platform which can be viewed on smartphone, tablet or PC.

Infinista Concepts is a graphic design company driven by vision, dreams and innovation. While they believe in doing the unexpected, they live by their imagination and crazy ideas. Run by a team of curious minds, Infinista Concepts delivers ingenious graphic designs, optimal web development solutions, value adding content, effective SEO strategies, holistic SMM solutions and much more. Serving several national and global clients, they assure of giving businesses a brand identity in the digital world. Infinista Concepts knows every nook and corner of the online world and is resolved to serve their clients achieve business goals.

A look at Infinista Concepts blog, and one knows that while they deliver notable content, they also provide valuable information to readers. ‘Fresh Topics, Unique Content’ is what their blogs live by.

How landing pages are your key to unlocking potential leads

With all the hard work done, your website is bound to drive more traffic. But it doesn’t end here. Converting these visitors into leads for your business is the next humongous task. Landing pages are the best way to generate leads. Using landing pages, you can target your audience, provide valuable information, and potentially convert visitors into customers. Creating landing pages and making it easy for internet users to find them is the key to increase the conversion rate. This, in turn, increases your sales, we would suggest taking some SEO professional’s help on this one though.

Landing pages ideally benefit in the following ways:

  • Generates Leads

    With the help of landing pages, one can acquire leads on a large scale. Driving audience to targeted landing pages will generate leads at a higher rate.

  • Improves paid search campaigns

    Creating ad campaigns that drive targeted audience to a specific landing page will yield better results in terms increasing conversion rate.

  • Helps grow your mailing list

    Through a landing page, you can collect details about visitors through a subscription form and build a comprehensive email list.

  • Improves brand awareness

    Landing pages can be efficiently used for branding your business. When visitors surf through your landing pages they would get to know about your business more.

  • Brings specific content to visitors’ attention

    A well-built landing page successfully conveys visitors the benefits whatever you are offering.

It is possible to reap all these benefits only when the landing page ranks high on the SERPs. To rank high, it is imperative that the landing pages be search engine optimized.

Following are a few essentials to build beneficial landing pages:

  • Title

    A catchy title will attract visitors’ attention compelling them to read the entire page.

  • Content

    The content on a landing page should be comprehensive, providing specific info or explaining details in a succinct manner.

  • CTA

    Call to action should clearly indicate what the users should do. It should be concise and well-positioned too.

  • Keywords

    Keywords should be skilfully included in the title, header, HTML tags, copy of the landing pages to optimize it for the SERPs.

  • Social Media Links

    A landing page should necessarily have your social media profile links to push people to connect with you on social networking platforms.

  • Lead capture form

    This is the most critical element of a landing page. Through a lead capture form, you can collect information about visitors and grow your newsletter subscription list.

  • Visuals

    Including images or a video on the landing page will engage visitors more. It will potentially compel people to stay on the page which will also result in decreased abandonment.

  • Testimonials

    Although not essential, including testimonials on a landing page has its benefits. Reading your client testimonials may instill trust in visitors’ mind and develop brand credibility amongst them.

Landing pages are critically important in generating leads and increasing sales. When rightly done, they will certainly drive more traffic and benefit your business in the long run.

Pop-ups: Avoid making the helpful buggers too annoying

‘Do you want to learn blah blah blah? Subscribe to our newsletter now’. That’s what stares right in our faces when we are surfing through a website. Do we like it? Honestly, NO! Pop-ups fall under those desperate attempts made to get visitors hitched to a website. Many might say that they are not as much effective. But, numbers tell a different story in the case of overlays.

According to ConversionXL, WP Beginners which is a WordPress resource site were able to achieve a 600% increase in signups by using intent pop-ups on single posts. This shows that when rightly used pop-ups can prove to be very worthy, no matter whether they are liked or not.

However, a few mistakes made while pitching pop-ups to the audience might damage the user experience. Here a few blunders that one should avoid committing to make pop-ups a hit.

  • Ill-timing your pop-ups

    Timing your pop-ups is very crucial. It should neither be displayed too soon nor too late. Popping up the overlay as soon as a user enters your website is bound to leave them annoyed or even slightly irritated. If it pops up too late then you will lose priceless subscribers. Frankly, determining the best timing is difficult. But you can take a cue from who triggered their pop-up after the visitors spent 15 seconds on their website.

  • Triggering pop-ups too often

    One might think that more the number of times a pop-up appears, more will be the number of subscribers signing up. But, this doesn’t stand true for overlays. Remember, a user is on your site to browse through useful content. If pop-ups keep appearing frequently during their browsing session, then they are bound to get irritated and abandon your site. It would be sensible to trigger a pop-up just once during one’s entire browsing session. You could have a side pop-up, which doesn’t hide much of the page, though.

  • Not providing ‘exit’ option

    Not providing a clear way to close the pop-up will leave your visitors confused. Your visitors may feel as if they are being compelled to sign up to your website and this isn’t a good feeling. This increases the chances of site abandonment. As a result, you will leave potential customers. Making the CTA (call-to-action) clear in the pop-up is very necessary.

  • Demanding too much information

    You might feel inclined to know more about your visitors so that you can send customized offers to them. But requesting too much information from a pop-up might irk them. This will lower your chances of conversions. An ideal pop-up should only ask for the visitor’s email id. You may also segregate your visitors into ‘interested’ and ‘not-interested’ categories. Once a visitor shows willingness, you may then ask them for further details.

Pop-ups will help you hold onto the visitors that might potentially desert your website. They will also assist in increasing your sales. Although seen as a bit annoying, if done rightly, overlays will contribute more towards the growth of your business.

Build your blog audience through content marketing

People today, are making themselves immortal in a way! Wondering how? By hammering words on keyboard, typing their thoughts, and creating articles that are high on content for the web. Now, you may say that’s what writers have been doing since ages, just with the use of ink and paper. So, what’s the difference? The difference is that writers are now called bloggers and their blogs are being read by larger masses! But, does every blog get read by thousands or lacks of people? Nope, and this is where content marketing comes into the picture.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as – ‘A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action’. To put it in simple terms, content marketing will drive more traffic to your blog and will make your blogs reach large masses. This in turn will create more leads, increase the rate of conversions and help you earn revenue through your blog.

Analogically, you can see content marketing as a funnel. Without this funnel, your traffic won’t end up where it should. Before content marketing, your traffic is lost. After content marketing, your traffic will become more targeted and converged. And you’ll be able to tap into the huge reservoir of real traffic through relevant search queries.

Here are a few tips on content marketing that will open the floodgates of traffic to your blog:

  • Establish your niche:

    Set your goal to writing about a particular field. This will help you become a proficient writer about various topics related to that field. Seeing you as an expert, more targeted traffic will visit your blog. This will assist you in becoming a thought leader and help you carve your own niche.

  • Write quality content:

    Quality content is nothing but that which gives value to its readers. Reading your blog, users should feel that it was worth their time, that their queries were answered and that they have gained useful information at the end of it. If your blog provides all of this to its audience, then they will keep returning to your blog and also recommend it to others. This will ultimately raise your reach amongst netizens.

  • Promote your content:

    If you just write a blog then it is bound to get lost in the crowded web world no matter how well you have written it. Promoting your content has become crucial. The world is living by social media and imagine the huge audience base you can encompass just by promoting your content on such social networking sites. Other than just sharing your blog posts, you can pin the shares on your Twitter and Facebook profile. This will increase its visibility and will pull more readers to your blog site.

  • Embrace guest posting:

    Posting articles on other well-known websites as a guest blogger will help you grab attention of the already-established audience of that website. These readers will certainly visit your blog if they find your guest-post to be full of quality content. You can provide a link to your blog site in your byline at the end of the article or create an external link in the article itself that would drive the readers to your site. Creating links will also help you in link building which will in turn assist you in ranking high on SERPs.

  • Approach influencers:

    You can level up your content marketing by requesting influencers from your niche to endorse your writing. Influencers are those who have already established themselves as an authority in a particular niche. People tend to look up-to such authoritative figures. If such influencers promote your blog then it will definitely amass more audience. All you have to do is find the influencers from your field and request them to market your blog.

Content marketing will help you gain greater exposure. It not only boosts traffic to your blog but also contributes to the SEO strategies that help with your rankings on SERPs. Give a thought to content marketing and you’ll soon find yourself coming up with different ideas to give a thrust to your blog.