3 Ways to Grab Users by the (Eye) balls

November 19, 2013 digital marketing

Having a digital presence is a critical part of any marketing strategy, but without appropriate visibility, your business may not survive long enough to reap the benefits. Every single business needs customers to survive, and for customers to interact or engage with a business, they need to know why it exists in the first place.

So here are 3 great ways to boost the online presence of your business and grab customers by the (eye) balls:

1. Social Media Campaigns

Being present on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook is one of the best ways of driving traffic to your website. It is a great place to find more potential customers. Here, you can find target people within your area of operation and connect with them on a social level that they can identify with. This will eventually lead to conversions. When you actively participate in social media by sharing a post or a tweet, chances are that someone will share it or retweet it and therefore pass it on to an audience that is not in your immediate circle. Your presence on social media can take your business to the next level. Once you take the time to understand exactly what is it that your target audience is doing online and customize a marketing strategy to attract them, you can easily attract many eyeballs. Some ways to excel on social media are:

  • Post relevant content, links and images regularly, which links back to your main website.
  • Interact with communities within your niche and establish yourself as an authority to gain trust.
  • Conceptualise viral content to engage users and spread the word about your business.

2. Blogging

A blog is a great way to promote your business, increase traffic and connect with your target audience. Blogs are inexpensive, effective and easy to set up. But the success of a blog depends on many things. Ask yourself, are you writing for the right audience? Gauge your content carefully and ascertain that what you have written is to target the type of person you wish to connect with. Write well and try not to be sloppy and erroneous – there’s nothing that puts a user off more than sloppy, error-ridden posts. Be consistent in the number of times you post. Chart out a schedule for your blog posts and stick to it. The consistency you exert in your blogging will speak volumes about your reliability as a company. And lastly, don’t over-promote or hard sell yourself. Blogs can boost your online visibility even further if you:

  • Allow other bloggers in the same niche to guest blog on your site for a fresh perspective.
  • Integrate your blog with your social media efforts and post links to your blog on your social media profiles to increase traffic.

3. Search Engine Optimization

SEO strategies ensure that your business gets the visibility it is due in the digital medium by ranking it high on the organic search results page of a search engine. Content in the form of written words is what the Internet comprises. Search engines review this written content to distinguish which is relevant to what search. As a rule, the first result displayed on a user’s web search is the one with the most relevant information, and it will get the most visitors. This increases traffic on the website in question. SEO may target different types of search such as image search, local search, video search, academic search, industry-specific vertical search and news search. Start your SEO efforts by:

  • Optimizing title tags, URLs, videos, images, and other elements.
  • Getting involved with proper link building methods.
  • Using premium tools and resources.

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