4 Programming Languages that are Worth Learning

May 30, 2017 Web Design

With the fundamental skills at your hand, you are empowered to become a successful developer no matter how fast the programming landscape is expanding. Due to the constant changes and developments in the coding world, there are more than enough coding languages for developers to choose from. While it is perfectly fine to gain mastery over one programming language, we ask why restrict yourself to just one? There are multiple languages at your disposal and becoming multilingual will expand your horizons and increase your career opportunities.

Here are the 4 programming languages for you that are worth learning, starting now.

  • Java

    According to PYPL: PopularitY of Programming language index , Java is the most popular coding language in the world, followed by Python.


    Despite being decades old, Java seems to be a language that no one can stop from running successfully. Java lives by its tagline, ‘write once, run anywhere’ and is rightfully ranked as the number one language in the TIOBE Programming Community Index . Being a simple and readable programming language, Java is preferred by millions of developers for backend development and to build credible native Android apps. The latest edition – Java 9, soon-to-be-launched in July 2017 is definitely something to look forward to.

  • Python

    As seen in the above image, the increase in Python’s popularity amounts to 8.2% for the last 5 years. Developers swear by this programming language and so do we. Python has a syntax which lets developers use fewer lines of codes which makes it a much better readable coding language and proves that it is designed to increase the productivity of developers. As a result, Python has a huge fan-following and is used by developers for coding desktop apps, web apps, and data mining.

  • C++

    This coding language ranks 3rd on TIOBE Programming Community Index. A general purpose programming language, C++ is considered as an intermediate level programming language. Besides the daily applications that we use, C++ is used by many developers to code software, firmware, drivers, etc. Being a powerful language, C++ allows developers to switch between platforms and processors without much trouble. C++ is loaded with many features like Multiple Inheritance, templates, preprocessor commands, etc. which makes a developer’s life much easy.

  • Javascript

    Not to be confused with Java, Javascript is a high level programming language supported by all web browsers. According to Usersnap’s ‘Best web development trends in 2017’ , Javascript is the most commonly used programming language for developers. The image below shows its popularity with the web developers.


    Javascript lets a developer interact with users, it is quite favorite amongst developers. With ES2017 being launched in late 2017, there is excitement in the air.

    With the evolving technology, more and more languages are being developed to make coding easier for developers. With so many languages available at your disposal, it is natural to be confused about which language to learn. While it is difficult to pinpoint a single language to be the best, it will be prudent to assess the trends first and then make a wise decision.

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