4 Ways You Could be Ruining Your Marketing Efforts on Twitter

November 08, 2013 digital marketing

Having a large number of followers on Twitter to engage with and convert has been a dream for every brand and business. Twitter may be one of the best things to happen to businesses on social media. But somewhere down the road, businesses and brands are making some rookie mistakes that could effectively ruin the user experience for many users. This stems from one main problem – many brands don’t fully comprehend the full potential of the platform and consider it to be just another marketing tool that they should be present on. This results in bad and irresponsible communication with Twitter followers. While there are many ways to increase the number of retweets on Twitter.

Following ways by which we can ruin our marketing efforts by bad twitter practices :

1. Too Much Self-Promotion

It is important for brands and businesses to share their communication and message. Considering they have only 140 characters to work with, they need to pick at their grey cells and use all the creativity in the book. However, it is prudent to consider that is businesses or brands are only blowing their own trumpet on Twitter, all their marketing efforts might go down the drain. While self-promotion may be important, other perspectives and engagement with followers is a crucial step towards building brand affinity.

2. Don’t Overuse Hashtags

Hashtag mania is truly upon us. One of the reasons that you find people sharing a hashtag is to make themselves more visible online and to be part of a larger discussion. Hashtags can give businesses a chance to connect with users on a more personal level and give brands a chance to add a tag of sorts and ‘own’ conversations that are already taking place. But today, brands and businesses are going overboard with using hashtags which is resulting in bad Twitter practices one of the worst ways of making a message discoverable. Too many hashtags are just painful to look at and tend to take a user’s attention away from the call-to-action in question. If a brand or business learns to play their cards right, hashtags can be used to an advantage. Try innovating your brand communication and message by using not more than 2 hashtags in your tweet.

3. Don’t Resort to Buying Followers

A ranging topic of discussion these days is buying followers on Twitter, which many consider a bad Twitter practice. Many brands have resorted to this technique to propagate messages that are popular. But what is often forgotten is that there will never be 1 million followers for 10 tweets. There are some tools out there like StatusPeople that work towards identifying the number of fake accounts. This leads to many of your regular users realizing that and effectively refusing to engage with you. There are times that Twitter too finds out about accounts like these and this leads to an abrupt drop in followers. Try to build your fanbase organically and then engage with your followers. This adds more value to the relationship you have with your followers.

4. Deleting or not responding to negative comments

Deleting negative comment or not responding to followers is some of the biggest mistakes brands make on Twitter. If you resort to any of these actions, you will end up creating a negative image of yourself. Be social and engage followers honestly, and handle all negative comments tactfully and strategically.

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