5 Cardinal Rules of Email Marketing

November 23, 2013 digital marketing

Don’t for a second think that email marketing has died a slow and painful death. eMarketer recently conducted a research in which they have stated that email is still the most commonly used method for acquiring new customers. In fact, email spending increases 10% every year. This is because, according to Social Twist, email marketing works even better than social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. While email marketing does have its strengths, not every email marketing strategy is killer, and not every strategy helps in boosting leads, traffic and conversions. So how do businesses ensure that their email marketing strategies hit the nail on the head, while spending less and ensuring quantifiable ROI? Here are five cardinal email marketing rules to follow.

1. Familiarize yourself with your users

A critical email marketing rule is not to make your users feel like strangers. While this may seem like a no-brainer, the truth is, that this rule is often brushed aside. This is a mistake that many marketers make. Just because you start your email off by saying ‘Dear XYZ’, you have not achieved that elusive personalisation. While is effective some of the time, it tends to repel a few uses as they view it as a security breach. There is a fine line between getting familiar and getting over-familiar. You need to achieve the balance between getting the user’s attention to offer them a meaningful experience and hard-selling yourself to them. A meaningful email marketing experience entails using a user’s name, referencing their purchase history, or even storytelling.

2. Stay away from spamming

Do you get those annoying telemarketers who used to incessantly call you to tell you that you have won a free holiday in some exotic destination? Spamming is much like that. ‘Never spam’ is another email marketing rule to follow. While you may not be actively spamming, if you are sending emails to people who aren’t on your mailing list, that constitutes spam. People do not appreciate being hard-sold to, especially when it is someone or some business who they have never heard of. Don’t send out emailers just for the heck of it, if you have nothing worthwhile to say to your database.

3. Subject lines are a vital component of your success

There are many articles online about how the words you use in the subject line of your emailers are critical. While this is important, what is more effective is the length of the subject lines in question. In President Obama’s fundraising emails, subject lines like “Wow!” “Hey!”, and “Would love to meet you”, were used which were successful in raising quite a fund. If you want to increase your open rate, single-word or short subject lines work best. But, if the aim is to increase your click-through rate, keep your subject lines longer. At the end of the day, it is all about trial and error. You need to identify a subject line, experiment with it, and check to see if it works for you or not.

4. Keep mobile on your mind

According to statistics, 38% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. This percentage is only increasing with every passing day. This means that mobile is not only the future, but the present too. This means that it is vital to make your emails mobile-friendly so that you don’t lose out on a large database of users.

5. Look ahead to the landing page

Emails need to lead users somewhere where they can interact with your brand and possibly convert. So while it is important to adopt an email marketing strategy that wows, it is equally important to optimize your landing page.

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