5 go-to Tips to Master Social Media in 2016

February 05, 2016 digital marketing

Social media has spread to every corner in the past couple of years and there is no doubt about the power and influence of it on everyone. Business, politics, economy, social affairs, everywhere! Agree?

But the trends always change, and here, at social media market, trends change year by year! Something that is working this year might suddenly go out of trend by the end of next year and new tricks start trending. The social media platforms are also updated with new features every year. For instance, infographics have suddenly become the choice of most digital marketers to provide information since they acknowledged the fact that the visuals were getting more attention in the marketing industry, and also, lately, Facebook has been introducing so many new features to its users!

Here are 5 go-to Tips to master social media this 2k16:

1. Get engaged!

Engage with your followers, friends, employees and most importantly, influencers and leading bloggers of your industry. In our blog about, Digital marketing mafias we have a list of influencers and the links to their social media profiles. Follow them, mention them, observe them and get influenced. Here is an example by PokerNews.

PokerNews Neil Patel quote

2. Humanize

Give your social media a face for people to trust. Post behind the scenes pictures. Let your audience know you better. Use this as an opportunity to show the faces behind the brand and connect with potential customers, show off the efforts you put in, how you work as a team, how much you love your work and how dedicated is your team!

You will really impress clients.

 Infinista concepts kalaghoda festival

3. Impressive posts

Great design and great copy make a great post. While posting, bare in mind that the audience needs to be teased. For instance, if you have an offer coming or you wish to promote any event, send out a word saying ‘coming soon’, people just can’t wait then. Have you seen Jenny’s new TV serial promos on Instagram? Oh! we mean Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez shades of blue Instagram

 4. Offers are the best! we all love offers…

On social media, people follow their interests and likes. People follow clothing brands to stay updated with trends and hoping for promo codes and offers! Same is with every business. Offers and promotions are what everyone loves! Remember, Flipkart Big billion day? Ah, we know, although it was a fail, the marketing campaign out did the expected performance.

Flipkart 2014 Big Billion Day

Offers and promo codes are seen all over social media. It creates a buzz and makes your audience gossip about you and check your updates frequently. This 2016, this idea is hitting the top of everyone’s list.

5. Experiment with different social media platforms

Look over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other famous social media platforms. For example, Snapchat is increasing its popularity as a live streaming app for marketing. Digg, Delicious, Dashburst, Periscope, Vine, are some others, where you must start sharing to find the audience. Your audience is already on it. Find out if it suits your business and don’t get left behind concentrating only on traditional social media platforms.

Here’s BONUS for everyone! Since it’s a new year, we thought of adding an additional tip.

Live streaming is increasingly getting popular. It can be used as an opportunity to engage with customers. Live feature encourages customers to engage as a quick response is possible. Take your business on a live media telecast. You can create your own News! Facebook has now opened its live feature to all its users. So get your facial done and start live streaming!


Along with the old methods bag these tricks to top social media feeds in 2016!

Keep a track on the upgrading features of these platforms and see how you can make the best to communicate with your audience. The closer you get and more casual the relationship is, your social media performs that well. If you have questions or if you wanna add something, put them below in the comments…

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