5 Great Tricks to Use Your Ecommerce Web Design for High Conversions

November 07, 2013 Web Design

Research shows that the human brain processes visuals 50 times faster than text. It is no wonder then that people seem to trust something they can see far more than something they can hear. The use of visual stimuli is much more effective in persuading someone to act, rather than providing them with a textual representation of the matter. This holds true for your E-Commerce website as well. Here are a couple of things your E-Commerce website should be doing to attract consumers and lead to higher conversions.

Before you learn how to persuade a consumer, you need to get inside their heads for an idea of what they are thinking about. Most consumers make decisions at the spur of the moment and work on auto-pilot mode. Therefore, it is critical to appealing to a consumer’s instincts if you want to get their attention.

Here are some ways persuasive E-Commerce web design can be used to appeal to consumers and increase conversions

1. Don’t be ambiguous about your proposition

As soon as a user lands on your web page, they will ask the question – ‘what can I do on this website?’, ‘what is this site about?” ‘will I get the information I am seeking?’ and ‘what’s in it for me?’ Try not to be ambiguous about what you’re all about. Using jargon and industry lingo tend to alienate users. Your E-Commerce web design should be created in such a manner that your brand promise is evident as soon as a user arrives on your website.

2. Have irresistible visual appeal

According to research, 96% of people notice the visual design of a website first, while only 6% notice content. You have just one chance to make a first impression, but a first impression can last for years. User experience is less recognizable than visual appeal. Therefore, it is important to have good visual appeal that is simple. Users are aware of what an E-Commerce web design should look like. Keep things familiar and you should be on the right track.

3. Make your visual hierarchy bold

It’s simple. Make sure whatever bit of information is the most important to you is the biggest star in your E-Commerce web design. Make that the prime focus on your site so that users know exactly what you are about and what you are offering them.

4. Hold your user’s attention

Research shows that 69% of users’ attention first goes towards the left hand side of the screen while 80% of attention happens above the fold. Using attractive, large photographs is the best way to grab a user’s attention. Background photos that are larger than life usually do the trick. Pictures of people smiling and making eye-contact are great ways of creating a personal connection with your user.

5. Once Call-to-Action Per Screen

Don’t crowd your webpage with too many calls-to-action. First acquaint a user about your business, product or service and then go on to make a E-Commerce call-to-action to convert them into customers.

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