5 Realities That a Pretty Website Can’t Hide

November 09, 2013 Web Design

Let’s be honest, customers don’t really interact or buy from a website just because it looks pretty. But design and business agencies often tend to ignore this and choose beauty and aesthetics over ROI. This results in great looking sites that don’t work quite as well to meet their business goals. Remember, the design is only skin-deep. The true value of a website lies deep within.

Here are some of the realities that even a good-looking website cannot hide:

1. Your Website Doesn’t Rank

Beauty is always trumped by Search Engine Visibility where websites are concerned. If your website is hiding among the crowd, it doesn’t really matter how pretty it is. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Each post or page should target one key phrase or keyword. Use this keyword at the start of your article and again in the middle somewhere, if it fits in without being forced.
  • Before you publish your article, add metadata such as keywords, title, and descriptions.
  • Obtain inbound links to your content through relevant blogs and forums. If possible, try to include your targeted keyword in inbound text links.

2. Your Content is Crappy

Bill Gates said ‘Content is King‘, and he knew what he was talking about. Original, relevant, viral content trumps all other efforts and can win businesses and customers alike. You will lose out on customers to competition if you don’t engage in content marketing.

Here are some facts worth keeping in mind:

  • There are 329 million people who read blogs each month. Is your blog being read?
  • There are 27 million pieces of content that are shared daily. Does your site get shared?
  • 73% of customers prefer articles and blogs over advertisements. Are your marketing done keeping this insight in mind?
  • 61% of consumers will interact with companies that publish content than those that don’t.
  • The chances of sales are increased by 500% through clicks from shared content.
  • Social media, email, forums, and blogs constitute over 80% of content shares. Are you marketing in these channels?

3. Your Marketing Platform is Inadequate

You need a platform that allows you to build and test landing pages, publish content, optimize conversion rates, and nurture leads, in order to drive traffic to your website. Check if your platform is letting your site acquire and nurture leads. Does it assist in creating SEO and keyword research data? How about offering solutions to manage your social media marketing? Does your platform support direct customer interactions? What about email marketing and social listening?

4. It isn’t Effective in Generating Leads

You are missing the boat if you aren’t using your website to prospect for customers, drive awareness, filter for fit, and deliver sales qualified leads. The right CTA (call to action) is critical is generating leads.

5. You Aren’t Identifying Your Target Audience

Make sure you have gotten a clear understanding of your target audience, what they like, what they dislike, what makes them tick, what kind of interaction they want to have with your product or service etc. This allows you to provide them with tangible, quantifiable and customizable solutions.

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