5 Tools Everyone in The Content Marketing Industry Should Be Using

January 02, 2017 Content Writing

Irrespective of the kind of business you are into, publishing content has become imperative in order to survive in the market. But however much good and well researched your content be, all the effort put in composing it can get poured down the drain if you do not have a well-designed content marketing strategy. And the bottom line to being able to market your content in a great way is to use some swank content marketing tools that do a good job for you and your website. Rest assured these tools will help you and your portal gain the popularity you need to create a distinct impression standing out from the crowd.

Some good Content Marketing tools make this a whole lot easier and less time consuming are:

1. Trendspottr

Staying ahead of the content curve is a tough thing to do in today’s time. Why not have a little help on content writing for websites? Trendspottr allows you to check out the early signs of topics waiting in the wings to trend, viral #hashtags and budding influencers. You can engage with your audience better by sharing trending and engaging stories and videos. You can also measure the negative and positive sentiments associated with each trend, breaking it down to granular levels of excitement or fear. With Trendspottr you can Be assured of being ahead in the race, rather than be huffing and puffing to keep up with the Joneses.


2. MixPanel

If you are looking for an analytics tool that works smoother than Google but is not as complicated as Linux (!), then MixPanel may be the right option for you. MixPanel has often been touted to be better than Google and you don’t need to be a genius to use it. Features such as user segmentation, retention analysis and funnel reports are there for your VIRAL content along with much more. You can make in-app surveys, set up A/B tests on your mobile apps and also send customized messages to users according to their online behaviour. It is an event based analytics tool that works in the real time, therefore offering you almost instantaneous analysis on all things online!


3. Tomoson

Content is hardly limited to websites nowadays, and you need to think of ways to rope in influencers and bloggers within your content marketing strategy. Online marketing companies should use Tomoson, which is a one-of-a-kind software tailor made for influencer and blogger outreach. It has numerous registered bloggers and you can streamline your search according to interest areas along with metrics suited for internet marketing services like Facebook likes, website traffic along with Twitter followers. You can upload your products for reviews and giveaways, and also connect directly with bloggers for special promotions.


4. Tagboard

On the face, Tagboard appears to make use of #hashtags to search and collect public social media within nanoseconds of them being posted on FB and Twitter, among other sites. Its numerous tools allow you to select specific posts to broadcast on big displays and television and feature on websites. Tagboard allows you to do that checks for where hashtags are used in real time and measure the sentiment around them. Using the popular positive sentiments you can create the tagboards that are to be uploaded. It is an amazeball way of magnifying your best-est and freshest content.


5. MailChimp

Top digital marketing services always put emails on a high priority list when it comes to content marketing. And MailChimp is here to help with the monkey business of sorting your audience according to the content marketing strategy. You can set up email lists, execute email campaigns, handle unsubscribe requests and track responses. Online marketing agencies can also set up RSS feeds directly from company blogs onto MailChimp so that the latest entries are automatically sent to the addresses included in the mailing list.


Try these tools out to see your page views shoot through the roof!


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