6 Great Ways to Make People Fall in Love With Your Blog

November 05, 2013 digital marketing

A blog is a great way to promote your business, increase traffic and connect with your target audience. But just writing blog posts and articles isn’t enough.

Here are some ways to woo your target audience through your blog :

1. Write for the right audience

Look at your content carefully and ascertain that what you have written is to target the type of person you wish to connect with. If you are a brand talking to consumers, try not to use too much of industry lingo or pointless jargon that could alienate your audience.

2. Write well and don’t be sloppy

The true test really lies in being completely critical of your own work. Once you can look at your writing through a microscope and nitpick at the little things, your blog has truly arrived. Also, there is no room for errors. Ever. No grammatical errors, formatting errors or copy errors of any kind. Exert as much quality control as possible and make your blog eloquent and informative.

3. Be consistent

Don’t be one of those bloggers who post an article once a week and only if you feel like it. That will give them the impression that you don’t really mean business and are not serious about what you do. The best thing to do is to be consistent. Chart out a game plan or a schedule for your blog posts and stick to it. The consistency you exert in your blogging will speak volumes about your reliability as a company.

4. Set goals and visions

Your blog posts need to reflect who you are as a company, what you do, and most importantly, where you plan to go in the future. Without a clear vision for yourself, how do you expect consumers to build an affinity with you? Take some time out to revisit the plans and goals you have set for your business, and plug them into your blog. When your writing has a clear sense of direction and a passion, your readers are bound to find you irresistible.

5. Be present on social media

It is absolutely critical to be on social media. Why? Because this is where most of your target audience is. Make sure that your branding is consistent so that consumers may recognize you and recall our brand. Use the same logos, brand name, brand colour, font, etc, to drill the identity of your business into the mind of the public. Once you’re on social media, be sure to post often and interact with your users in a regular manner.

6. Don’t focus on promoting yourself

While it is ok to link your blog posts to pages on your website in limitation, too much of this can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. Your blog needs to provide a resource for your readers rather than be a forum to tom-tom about our own achievements. Sell, but don’t oversell. Therein lies the challenge.

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