7 Graphic designers you must know and follow

October 05, 2016 Graphic Design

The best way to learn any art form is by replicating other renowned works. It is the best means to begin, as it unfolds the utility of each element and develops respect towards creativity. Graphic designing is one such field where you can excel by following others.

So, today we have gathered a list of 7 graphic designers you must know and follow.

1.Paul Rand (1914 – 96)

Peretz Rosenbaum aka Paul Rand belonged to an early era when graphic designing actually came into being. His endeavours began at a young age by painting logos for his father’s grocery shop. Later, he would take night classes at the Pratt Institute for gaining the professional edge. In fact, he was one of the first American commercial artists who practiced the Swiss Style of graphic designing.


If you think it is all about resources, then you must know that Paul was mostly a self-taught student who drew his inspiration from European magazines. Follow this grand portfolio to know more about his work, including logos for Apple, IBM, UPS, Ford, ABC and much more.


2.Saul Bass (1920 – 96)

This graphic designer also happens to be an Academy Award winner as a filmmaker. Born in 1920, Saul Bass was deeply into making posters and showed his true colours during the Hollywood affair. The man with the golden arm, Advise & Consent and Anatomy of a murder are some very interesting pieces to gaze upon. It simply unwraps the bare thinking behind the movie.


During his sixty years of designing career, Saul Bass largely influenced the logo of corporate houses like AT&T’s global logo, Continental Airlines, and Bell System. You can follow his website for a wider perspective on his visual concepts.


3.Maria Grønlund

Denmark-based Maria Grønlund is a freelance graphic designer, who specializes in traits like logo creation, colour selection, and art direction. Going through her collection of work on Behance is an absolute treat for the eyes.


The girl really knows how to break the boundaries of the physical world with an abstract thinking and certainly loves to reincarnate them with a vibrant colour-toning. On this page  you will see that much of her work is inspired by the elements of nature and strongly establishes an organic aura of attraction.


4.Ruslan Khasanov

Ruslan is an art director, designer and an illustrator who loves to infuse a psychedelic dimension in his work. It could appear like some X-rays blooming out of a droplet, shadow cast by water or just a funny way to play with crystals. As absurdly these words could define, you will actually get what I am trying to say when you just look at these images.


Colourful bubbles, 3D effect, and transcending sketches are some of his unique signatures in the work.

5.Violaine & Jeremy

Have you ever imagined how chimpanzees would appear in human form? This and many other bizarre questions have been a part of Violaine & Jeremy’s exploration. These art illustrators from Paris hold a different angle towards the world and love to express them through black & white sketches, animal characterization and simplistic text fonts.


What you can derive from their designing is a subtle use of graphics while ruining the original grounds of conventional thinking. You may follow this page for a broader prospect on the duo and how you should start thinking?

6.Viktor Hertz

Viktor is a man of undefined frequencies, which are well-captured in his iconic posters. The Swedish graphic designer has a thing for pictographs and other simple shapes that could be rearranged for portraying a bigger idea. Posters, logos, and tons of his personal projects are inspired by pop art culture, including the love for cosmos.


His portray of the famous guitarist Slash in aviators will catch up with any rock fan. Another pictorial foreplay of the ‘work in progress bar’ was eye-catchy and a total logic bender.

7.Mike Perry studio

If you have lost the touch with your inner child then go check out Mike Perry’s collection. This guy is an explosion of fresh ideas which he encompasses through any means possible; whether it’s abstract colours, photographs or a fine-tuned poster of reality vs. virtuosity. His work isn’t founded on some rigid format; rather, it spills your contained mind to think differently. With over 60k followers on his Instagram page, Mike is on his way to becoming a celebrity of graphic designing.



From a less advanced era to a tsunami of software, the greatest designs were accomplished by the vision of one person and his perseverance to learn more. They were often self-taught, had to hit the night classes and looked at things in their most abstract form. Overall, you need to be different if you wish to create that unique identity. Let your interest alone be the best judge here.

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