7 Reasons Why Google+ is a Superhero in Disguise

October 23, 2013 digital marketing

Google+ has often been considered by many to be the lesser equal of social media giants like Twitter and Facebook. Many people have even gone so far as to dismiss the potential of the platform. But the truth is that many of us haven’t really wrapped our heads around the capabilities and superpowers of Google+.

Let’s take a quick look at why Google+ is an invaluable tool that positively impacts your social media efforts.

1. Google+ is backed by the largest search engine in the world

Like Facebook, Google+ too has introduced hashtags which allow people to conduct custom searches with the help of certain keywords. The difference is that Google+ has access to Google search, which is the largest, most powerful search engine in the world. When a Google Search user searches for hashtags, a list of related Google+ posts pop up on the right hand side of their screens. The SEO prominence here is massive. As a business, you can incorporate hashtags into Google+ which match keyword searches and enjoy an increase in website traffic and link clicks.

2. You can ‘Hangout’ with your target audience

Google+ Hangouts is a free app where users can use video chat to connect with up to 10 people at a time. These conversations can be private or open to all. There are some Google+ Hangouts that feature video effects, emohi as well as document and photo sharing. If Google+ is incorporated into the marketing plan, it can broaden the reach of some businesses.

3. Googe+ is constantly evolving

Internet analytics firm GlobalWebIndex released a recent report that shows that Google+ has about 360 million active users, second only to Facebook. In June 2012, these numbers were at 259 million. If you haven’t tapped into this massive user base, there’s no time like the present.

4. Google+ will now power YouTube comments

It has recently been unveiled that Google+ will fuel all YouTube comments. What this means is that if your business is heavily implanted in their YouTube community, you won’t be able to promote it unless you explore Google+.

5. Google+ Circles build target audiences

Google+ Circles are great for communicating the message of your business to the right target audience. Based on a consumer’s relationship with your business, they are segmented into groups. As a business, you can use these groups to your advantage by communicating separate messages to each of these groups. This will help in increasing engagement and getting to know your consumer better.

6. Google+ lets you speak easy

Communicating and getting the attention of your target audience is hard enough. But to stick to a character limit while you’re doing it, is just crazy. Google+ allows you the liberty of saying all that you need to say in as many words you need to say it in. This means normal conversations without any limitations.

7. Google+ broadens your professional reach

Most of your social media strategies have been focussed on Facebook and Twitter. While you may find some of your target audience on these platforms, if you’re looking for a more B2B interaction, Google+ is the place to be.

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