9 FREE ebooks that you can’t miss if you’re a Designer

November 01, 2016 Graphic Design

The future belongs to the CURIOUS.

Einstein had once said, “I’m not clever, I’m just very very curious” – the love for curiosity makes you clever and enhances your knowledge. At every stage of life, you are going to be learning, so today, we have put together a list of books for every designer to go through at least once in the lifetime.

As the world is always building ways to get everything on the web from clothes and commodities to even girlfriends, ebooks are very easily replacing the papers as they are convenient, cheaper and helps saving time, space, money and paper. The legendary writings are also turned into ebooks to increase availability and add to the convenience of people.

So, to be legends, carry these books wherever you go and make the best of their availability which probably older legends couldn’t at their time.

Here are the finest from the stack:

1. The Shape of design


Much like the title, the book helps you shape your thoughts and help you question “why?”. Frank Chimero’s book inspires you to look at your work in a whole new light. You will surely have the dose of too many “Whys” after this one, but it will leave you insanely curious.

2. A Designer’s Art  


Paul Rand, best known for his corporate logos, this man, achieved much beyond in his lifetime. Like which designer doesn’t know Paul Rand!

This book is a wondrous walk through his thoughts about design & art, a collection of his articles and many of his exceptional work examples like logo designs, book covers, magazine designs, and his children’s books.

We’ve all of his writes, suggest you should collect all too!

3. Type Classification eBook


Are you trippin’ over typography? ‘Coz we are! Like all the time! This particular ebook is a free tour of the history of 10 broad type classifications. You can totally multiply your typography-quiz winning chances with this book. It has 10 type classification, their history and key characteristics to teach and will build a basic foundation about typography. Need more reasons to get it? – It’s free.

4. The Vignelli Canon


Massimo Vignelli, Oh just his name is enough to have a quick flashback of his iconic works! Remember 1972 New York subway map? Ain’t nobody could have been more perfect!


This historic man has been an example to all the passionate artist. He didn’t just like to create good design: he was also passionate about sharing its principles, rules, and criteria so others could do the same.

This book is of particular importance in which he has shared his principles to lead the designers towards the realm of perfection, and we mean “Perfection” nothing less, only if you virtue his teaching in The Vignelli Canon! To those who had listed this book in their list, you can get it now for free, so get it, Now!

5. The Building Blocks of Visual Hierarchy


Web Designers, this is your book!

Get this ultimate guide to correctly focus on the elements like size, colors, space, layout, and style. The Building Blocks of Visual Hierarchy builds clarity over visual hierarchy, how style affects visual understanding and has 18 examples of the best sites for you to scrutinize your creations and match the best on the web.

6. Flat Design & Colors


We virtue flat design! We believe it’s simple design. This free ebook will take you deep into the techniques for creating web designs that are flat and interesting. Comprehended tips and examples from expert designers of Google, Squarespace, etc. is sure to give your love for Flat design a shoot.

So give us a reason not to get this freebie and be left out.

7. Design’s Iron Fist


Want to do your best? Learn from Jarrod Drysdale.

Designer’s Iron Fist is a continuation of his another infamous ebook, ‘Bootstrapping Design‘. This ebook is a compilation of his essays and advice to the designers. It essentially helps you to counter the doubt and the fear that every new artist has, while it also helps you build the courage to market your work and think like a designer(Well, we don’t know what that particularly means, we all think the same here, we think Creative).

8. Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook


If you haven’t heard of this book, baby you’ve got a loooong way to go, so start today! It’s a 214- page bible for designers. This is a guide to best practice with Pixels and Photoshop. Like the title suggests, Pixel perfect precision, this book teaches you just that! We’d probably not even believe you’re a designer if you are not precise with every pixel of your design.

9. The Creative Aid Handbook


The last one is a creative overdose by Kooroo Kooroo.

The Creative Aid Handbook is the first thing you should lay your hands on when you have a creative task to nail. The creators say “It’s a mini resource for your creative projects and food for your creative thoughts. We’ve included our own valuable references and resources we know and trust as a means to help you get your projects done. We want to give you the creative push from a direction you may not have thought of, be it informative, inspirational, or simply entertaining.” Need we say more?

Stay tuned for our next list of ebooks for Digital marketing.

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