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February 05, 2017 Content Writing

People today, are making themselves immortal in a way! Wondering how? By hammering words on keyboard, typing their thoughts, and creating articles that are high on content for the web. Now, you may say that’s what writers have been doing since ages, just with the use of ink and paper. So, what’s the difference? The difference is that writers are now called bloggers and their blogs are being read by larger masses! But, does every blog get read by thousands or lacks of people? Nope, and this is where content marketing comes into the picture.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as – ‘A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action’. To put it in simple terms, content marketing will drive more traffic to your blog and will make your blogs reach large masses. This in turn will create more leads, increase the rate of conversions and help you earn revenue through your blog.

Analogically, you can see content marketing as a funnel. Without this funnel, your traffic won’t end up where it should. Before content marketing, your traffic is lost. After content marketing, your traffic will become more targeted and converged. And you’ll be able to tap into the huge reservoir of real traffic through relevant search queries.

Here are a few tips on content marketing that will open the floodgates of traffic to your blog:

  • Establish your niche:

    Set your goal to writing about a particular field. This will help you become a proficient writer about various topics related to that field. Seeing you as an expert, more targeted traffic will visit your blog. This will assist you in becoming a thought leader and help you carve your own niche.

  • Write quality content:

    Quality content is nothing but that which gives value to its readers. Reading your blog, users should feel that it was worth their time, that their queries were answered and that they have gained useful information at the end of it. If your blog provides all of this to its audience, then they will keep returning to your blog and also recommend it to others. This will ultimately raise your reach amongst netizens.

  • Promote your content:

    If you just write a blog then it is bound to get lost in the crowded web world no matter how well you have written it. Promoting your content has become crucial. The world is living by social media and imagine the huge audience base you can encompass just by promoting your content on such social networking sites. Other than just sharing your blog posts, you can pin the shares on your Twitter and Facebook profile. This will increase its visibility and will pull more readers to your blog site.

  • Embrace guest posting:

    Posting articles on other well-known websites as a guest blogger will help you grab attention of the already-established audience of that website. These readers will certainly visit your blog if they find your guest-post to be full of quality content. You can provide a link to your blog site in your byline at the end of the article or create an external link in the article itself that would drive the readers to your site. Creating links will also help you in link building which will in turn assist you in ranking high on SERPs.

  • Approach influencers:

    You can level up your content marketing by requesting influencers from your niche to endorse your writing. Influencers are those who have already established themselves as an authority in a particular niche. People tend to look up-to such authoritative figures. If such influencers promote your blog then it will definitely amass more audience. All you have to do is find the influencers from your field and request them to market your blog.

Content marketing will help you gain greater exposure. It not only boosts traffic to your blog but also contributes to the SEO strategies that help with your rankings on SERPs. Give a thought to content marketing and you’ll soon find yourself coming up with different ideas to give a thrust to your blog.

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