Cleaning drive at ARAI hill on 28th May, a bright Sunday morning!

May 30, 2017 Culture


Hello again,

Mixed emotions ran through our hearts while we executed our mission this Sunday Morning.

This month, #OnTheBrighterSide was literally a trashy feeling. May’s Drive was about a cleaning activity on Vetal Tekdi aka ARAI hill along with a group of people who care, Swachh Pune – Swachh Bharat , Let’s Rise, PTC Software India Pvt Ltd, and Sparkle Services Pvt Ltd.. Guys, it was heart filling to join you all.

This wheezed place is an attraction for the early risers, evening walkers and nature lovers. Population from around the city come to the hilltop for jogging, walking, yoga and other physical activities like cricket, cycling, etc. Though the place is renowned and also is a backyard to the forest department, the place was highly polluted with glass bottles, plastic, papers and other waste which refrain to name here. Yes, it is what you think it is! The high headed hill is being deteriorated by the visitors and residents of its own city. Puneet, in his post about the activity urged the residents and the forest department to pay heed and so do we.

A glance at the drive full of heat, sweat and the vibe:

During the drive the team collected 100 kg of plastic & other waste and 98 kgs of glass bottles. It was a revisit to the place by Swatch Pune – Swach Bharat   group who claimed to have gathered equal amount of dump earlier. One thing we’re sure about if nothing else, the place is highly popular amongst broken hearts and frustrated drunks. So yeah, you know where to find company next time!

Guys, how difficult is it to understand the basic necessity to keep clean? How much/many efforts does it need? And who is it for?

Until next time, THINK and try to do the least and keep your surroundings and places you visit clean.

We travellers have a saying, when in the wild, leave nothing but your footprints behind.

We’re doing our bit, are you?

Team Infinista

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