Infinista Clothes Donation Drive

April 25, 2017 Culture


We have to share how happy we are!
Our tiny step towards brighter days finally took off on 22nd April, Sunday, with our new effort #OnTheBrighterSide.

April’s drive was about Clothes Donation.

We all had clothes which piled up in our cupboards and mom kept taunting about. We thought of giving them away to the ones who would value it and needed it more than the rats in our cupboards. We collected all we could during the last month.

So here’s how our day was well spent-

We gathered at 7:00 AM Sharp. 5 of us had to pay the penalty, penalty for being late by 4, 5, and 8 minutes.  Yeah, to us, time is everything, and our colleagues make sure no opportunity of getting a treat is missed.

But first, food-

@Saffron, the old breakfast place.

The Drive:

The children in the community were excited and quickly guessed that we were their Santas, no, we did not dress up. Actually we could have.  Anyway, other than the kids, the community was pretty happy to see someone waking up to their nomadic homes to offer them something. While we were giving away the clothes, we could see the delight in the kids’ eyes, for them, it was like Diwali time and so was for us. Seeing their delight was a bliss.

Everybody in the community thought for the other, they snatched only to give it to the person who deserves it.

While at our end- We felt proud of brightening their day brighter than the Sun, yeah! We felt proud and overjoyed to see the delight and a fair of smiles.

So here is our tiny bit to make the world a better place.

We urge you to not only wish for a better world but to do your bit whenever, wherever possible.

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