Decoding Pinterest’s Bold New Look

December 17, 2013 digital marketing

Research has revealed that Pinterest has grown to 48.7 million users since it began three years ago. Yet another study has revealed that 69 of the world’s top 100 brands now have Pinterest accounts. Moral of the story – get your business on Pinterest if you haven’t already. Since of late, there has been a flurry of updates that have left many business owners groping in the dark. If you also find yourself a bit confused about Pinterest’s new look and its rich pins, don’t be alarmed. Here is our attempt at decoding Pinterest’s new look.

Navigating Pinterest’s New Look

Pinterest’s new look has been in the testing phase for a while now. When Pinterest first launched its new look, it received a lot of flack from pinners who complained about the removal of some of their favorite features like Mentions and the Pinned By feature that let you see who had pinned that item. Lots of Pinners were feeling like Pinterest was giving them a raw deal by not allowing them to see the pinning chain and making it harder for them to connect with others. Pinterest realized its folly and quickly did a roundabout and reintroduced some of the most popular features. Pinterest’s new look is still being tweaked so some features don’t work as well as they should. While it is not compulsory for users to adopt the new look just yet, each time you log in, you will be prompted to upgrade.

Why The New Look?

Pinterest’s new look has been designed with the aim to encourage “discovery” through much bigger pins and a bolder, cleaner look. People may find the close-ups too intense now that the frames between images have been removed. It can make your eyes do funny things depending on which screen size you are using.

How To Use Pinterest Rich Pins

Pinterest’s rich pins are a newly launched feature that is poised to be especially great for e-commerce sites and online merchants. With rich pins, you can provide more information than you do with normal pins. There are 3 types of rich pins available: recipes, products, and movies.

According to Pinterest, rich pins provide dynamic data that encourages purchasing, thereby taking discovery and desire one step further. Pinners can now buy that skirt, rent the film or bake that cupcake recipe they saw because they can view real-time availability, product pricing, cooking time, ratings, ingredients, reviews, and location without having to click to find the source and run the risk of landing up on the wrong page, or worse still, finding out that the item isn’t available.

Why Rich Pins Are Awesome

So we have established that rich pins are the next big thing on Pinterest. Now as a business owner or a retailer, here is exactly how you can benefit from the awesomeness of rich pins:

• The process of pin-to-purchase is more streamlined. Now customers can view all the relevant information on Pinterest itself. This effortless process makes them more likely to click-to-buy.

• The potential of losing out on a sale due to stock unavailability or a broken link is vastly reduced.

• Rich pins allow customers to make informed decisions then and there. This not only sends targeted visitors to your website but also ensures that they are more inclined to buy.

• No more writing lengthy product descriptions for each pin or constantly having to update product details as rich pins pull real-time information directly from your site.

• You can convert pinned images to rich pins as long as the meta tag information has been added to the source page.

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