Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful SEO

September 23, 2016 digital marketing

Search Engine Optimization, what we popularly call as SEO gets a lot of transformation every now and then. The tricks to a successful SEO today were completely unknown in the previous years and the ones that held useful in those times are now completely out. Successful SEO techniques today are far more extensive and intelligent than they used to be in the past.

So here is a quick do’s and don’ts list that helps you keep updated and ranked higher!

1. Do Select your keyword intelligently

As also discussed in our post- SEO Cheat Sheet, selecting a keyword is the first and the most important step of a successful SEO document. It is imperative that the keyword describes the basic idea that your post is about. Also, instead of just focusing on one keyword, find more alternative keywords to use in your documents.

2. Don’t take usefulness for granted

Imagine yourself as a reader who is looking for some information and has landed on a sheer useless page while following the search engine results. Would you ever want to revisit the page? Obviously not! On the other hand, if you land on the page which has all the relevant information on your subject and some more related information comes to you as a bonus, you might even end up bookmarking the page and visiting the page every now and then! The same follows for your readers, so treat your visitors with dignity and don’t fool them with keywords without giving them any value.

3. Ensure Uniqueness

All the content you post on your website must provide authentic and unique information to the visitors. As per recent ranking algorithms, presenting your readers with fresh information which can be useful to them is a great way of boosting your web page ranking. This happens because the pages that have unique information not found on other websites are marked up by Google and other popular search engines.

4. Do think of Long-term

Deceptive SEO tricks aka Black Hat SEO tricks might work for you in the short run but not in the longer run. As soon as Google identifies an unethical marketing tactic, it gets invalidated by the updated search algorithm. In fact, the website making use of such ‘shortcut tricks’ could be penalized too. So tricks such as article spinning, doorway pages, and duplicate content etc. should be completely avoided, there doing no good to you in the long run. Thus called BLACK Hat.

5. Do maintain the quality of your content

Stuffing your content with keywords is totally out. Search engines simply ignore the pages that show repetitive and irrelevant content, so if your page is stuffed with keywords and the content inside is of no use, it is certainly not going to fetch a good rank in search results. Hence, use of keywords should be made without any compromises on the quality of the content, information provided and flow of the article.

6. Do Pay attention to your title tags

This should not be a difficult task especially when your pages contain relevant content. Much like the past, title tags still continue to play an important role in page rankings. This makes it essential and important for all the aspirants of a successful SEO to describe in their tags, exactly and precisely what their content conveys. As also described in our post ‘Stellar SEO Tactic to Employ in Your Strategy’, it can be a good chance to incorporate keywords relevant to your page.

7. Don’t forget there are other search engines too

(apart from Google)

The fact that presently Google attracts the major traffic of search engines users cannot be ignored but at the same time it is important to keep in mind that other search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Duckduckgo are setting a strong foot too, or at least we don’t want to miss out on those users! Therefore, the visibility of your webpages across these search engines also matters a lot and employing a good strategy to improve that should be a good idea. The importance of doing so has also been highlighted by us in ‘Important SEO Tips Post Google’s Mobilegeddon’ .

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