Earn Quality Organic Backlinks and Earn Them Hard

July 22, 2017 digital marketing

Publish content, sit back relaxed and expect some miraculously great results! Your website is going to be viral overnight. Heavy traffic will storm it, sharing all your posts and blogs across social media. No SEO required, no need for top rankings on SERPs. Just let your content lay there and see it triumph the world of Internet. And now, you need to Wake Up from your blissful dream! Sorry for that rude awakening, but needless to say, the reality is harsh.

Heavy traffic will get driven to your website when you rank high on SERPs. And top rank on SERPs can be achieved only through SEO. SEO is divided into on-site and off-site SEO. Backlinks form a major part of off-site SEO. Google is highly fond of backlinks. So fond, that the pages having such backlinks are ranked top on its result pages! Google Penguin update however, reduced this fondness by a notch. As a result, websites using spammy and paid backlinks were penalized and sites with quality backlinks from other authority websites paved their way to the top of SERPs.

So how do we earn these quality backlinks? Since Google has uprooted the ‘beg, borrow, steal’ tactic from its root, the only way to build backlinks is organically. Let’s check out how!

  • Guest Post

Submit quality posts to authoritative websites as a guest blogger and provide links in it redirecting to your website.

  • Forums 

Participate in relevant discussions on forums and place a link to your website in it occasionally. 

  • Discussion Boards 

Cite your blog post as a source of the answer to questions on discussion boards such as Quora. 

  • Interlinking 

Provide internal links to your other blogs, posts, pages while writing your blog. 

  • Social networking sites

Chances to get backlinks are very large on promoting your content on leading social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Social bookmarking is also considered as backlinks

  • Network expansion 

Connect with fellow bloggers related to your field and backlinks are sure to follow you.

  • Quality Content

If you write content that will give value to its readers then it will definitely get strong authoritative backlinks.

  • Infographics

Infographics are loved by internet users since they provide a lot of useful information in minimal time. You can create such engaging Infographic and link them back to your relevant blog posts. 

  • Videos 

Create viral videos out of which online users will potentially gain knowledge and wisely include links to your blog/website in these videos. 

  • Influencers 

Approach thought leaders from your niche and present them your high quality work. If thought to be value adding, your content will definitely get shared by influencers, helping you earn quality authoritative backlinks.

Backlinks can come to your rescue like superheroes and lift you up to the top most position on SERPs. But earning backlinks ain’t an easy task and will require efforts on your behalf. Draft strong backlink building campaigns, earn high quality links and then sit back relaxed, watching your website rank high on SERPs.    

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