Emotional Marketing: It’s time to pull the right heartstrings

March 17, 2017 digital marketing

Ever felt a tug at your heartstrings while watching an ad? Did it prompt you to buy the product or recommend it to others? We bet you have encountered this many times. Emotions play a major role in forming our thoughts about brands and products.

Articles and ads that ride high on emotions show a better possibility of making people share and buy more. If you are a marketer, you might have observed that many successful brands promote their products through ads that are drugged with emotions which are sure to make people float high on sentiments. Although many are proposing customer psychology to be a fairly new marketing formula, many brands have been using it since ages to instigate people into buying their products.

  • Happiness/Positivity

    According to The New York Times article, people tend to share articles that are positive as opposed to those that bear a negative vibe. Isn’t that awespiring? Frankly speaking, it isn’t very surprising, given that we humans thrive on happiness. Brands should capitalize on this emotion since happy feelings stay with people even after the brand moves out of sight. When they see the brand again, they recall those happy feelings which prompt them to buy the product or recommend it to others.

  • Sadness

    In recent years, sadvertising has trumped all other emotional advertisements. Sad ads or articles need not necessarily make people shed tears or make them cry their eyes out. It should primarily move something deep inside them. One such perfect example is the TVC Thai Life Insurance ad that effectively captures the essence of sadness. While promoting your product or services through such ads or articles, it is however necessary that they should have a ‘feel-good’ factor.

  • Anger

    Anger is a negative feeling, but if done rightly, advertisements invoking anger can stir people and provoke them to take some action in the spur of the moment. Such ads or articles should be thought arousing. You will find one such ad closer to the home-Tata tea ad. It is observed that such ads go viral when a dash of inspiration or surprise is added to it. These ads hold the power of changing people’s outlook towards everything and encourage them to take a rightful stand

  • Fear

    Fear activates an alarm and instigates an urgency in people to take some action in order to escape the situation or find a way out of it. Some imminent danger or threat pushes people to do something. The instinct to survive is most prominent feeling in humans that drives us to react and overcome the difficulty. The ad below makes a statement by pointing out the immediate threat of irresponsible driving.


Visuals have a greater impact than words is no new thing to know. Using them rightly to evoke valuable meaning, marketers can reach out to consumers in a more effective way. Above are just a few emotions that you can use to build your advertisement or article around. Communicate powerfully with customers through emotional marketing and successfully deliver your brand message.

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