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October 28, 2013 digital marketing

Creating a website is a lot of fun and it is pretty easy to get carried away with ideas, content, applications, animations, forms, videos and all that awesome stuff. When it comes to customizing your site, there are too many options to mention, but the truth is that the simpler your digital presence the more SEO benefits it will have.

Why simpler websites have an edge

A simple website speaks to your user unlike anything else. An overpowering, cluttered website with too much going on may confuse or scare your consumer away. While conceptually, fancy video-based sites may be great, simple websites really have that much-needed edge, especially where SEO is concerned.

Why Simple Websites Have Better SEO Benefits

When your website is simple with no frills, there is just less to concern yourself with. You can then focus all your attention on SEO efforts and best practices to make things happen for your website. It is a fact that Google finds it simpler on a large scale, to crawl simpler websites. This makes it more SEO friendly. There are two main reasons that SEO prefers simple, plain Jane websites to their more the complicated counterparts. These are:

1. Google is a little behind on stuff

While it may be shocking or impossible to imagine Search Giant Google to be behind on anything other than maybe Justin Bieber’s new haircut, the truth is that Google is like a slightly tipsy dad on the dance floor of a wedding reception who is trying to fit in, but doesn’t know the latest moves. As it stands today, Google isn’t really up to date with all the latest design and display technology. Its ability to comprehend and then crawl through all these new things isn’t as quick as the rate at which technology is developing.

2. Google’s view of big brands

Google may make changes due to the fact that big brands are not earning rankings based on their popularity or because they are trying to figure a way around the system. When Google adjusts its algorithm, it is up to individual webmasters and developers to adapt to it. Case in point is Apple. Apple is one of the largest, most popular brands in the world. Today, it has a really good visibility on Google. But before all of this was true, Google was having a tough time crawling Apple’s website. This led to direct links to apps missing from Google SERPs. This move generated a lot of angst, especially among Apple executives. The issue has since then been fixed and all is well with the world again. However, it has sparked the ongoing debate of simple vs. complicated websites.

Designing a simple website doesn’t mean having to give up on fonts, colours, or graphics. Try not to take too many risks when it comes to the pages that are responsible for converting users to customers. You can use your creative judgment on your other pages.

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