Facts You Never Knew About Content Marketing

November 15, 2016 Content Writing

For popularizing any website, content marketing goes a long way. It is the go-to strategy applied by cyber whizzes to bring stardom to any site. Even though it’s on all lips, there is much doubt regarding content marketing. What is it exactly? Branded content? Native advertising? Sponsored content? To set the record straight, content marketing covers all these terms and much more. Providers of content writing services churn out write ups for all this and much more.

Here are a few facts about content marketing that would definitely shake up your theories on it:

1. Good content is the cornerstone of content marketing

Suppose you have logged into the internet looking for the latest fall/winter collections by designers. What would impress you more? The latest trends supported by pictures or a full-page article that beats about the bush regarding fashion? The former obviously! Much like you, your audience too craves for good content. One of the three top reasons why web crawlers follow brands is content. Content is so much more than just creating and sharing stuff for branding and SEO purposes.

Content writing companies often focuses on custom content as almost 90 percent customers find it useful. Content that is sprinkled with a dash of custom data is treated as highly relevant by an audience.

2. Engagement is the catchword 

Even though this seems like a no-brainer, many providers of online marketing services do not particularly focus on it. It is ironic that around 68 percent brands believe that engagement is their priority, but most of them lose focus when marketing content. Think about it, does it make sense to publish brilliant write-ups or post amazing pics on Pinterest if no one is there to see it?

3. Facebook is #1 for content discovery

Most online marketing agencies would concur that the numero uno traffic source for their branded content is Facebook. The traffic contribution made by Facebook to different stories is around 52% whereas only 9.7% of traffic comes directly to an article from its homepage. Thanks to instant articles introduced on Facebook, the nascent stages of native publishing are taking shape. 

4. Content marketing is a round-the-clock chore

Unlike other forms of marketing, social media marketing needs to be round the clock. Each social networking site has a specific timeline when content posted brings in most traffic. For instance, posting something on Facebook on weekends or Thursday and Friday afternoons works better at gathering an audience rather than other times, while Tuesday morning is perfect for LinkedIn.

These times give the ideal point of inflection as levels of competing content are low and usage is high and they are both in sync.

5. Goldfishes have longer attention spans than Humans

Did you know the average human has an attention span of 8.5 seconds, half a second less than a normal puppy? Therefore, the title you put to your story should have much weight, in order to pique the interest of readers. It should make the readers want to know more about a topic. However, headlines shouldn’t be treated as click-baits where the main content fails to deliver. A standard headline is 6 to 8 words long and should help a reader measure up the attention that needs to be paid to the write-up.

6. 1 Read= 1000 impressions

Did you know that the click through rate is between 0.1 and 0.8 percent of native ad units, depending on a campaign? It roughly equals to 1000 impressions per click. Internet marketing companies have found that these clicks turn into article reads around 75% of the time. When putting together, you need around 1300 social impressions or native ads for generating a read for your content. What must be kept in mind is that, impressions are for display ads, not specifically stories.

7. Building an Audience is Tough

Gaining access to a big audience is not possible overnight. You need to constantly post honest, high quality and consistent content that would go down well with your targets. You need to hone your content writing for social media skills for the results to show over time.

8. Everything is not about you- don’t be a narcissist

One of the biggest errors that brand identity companies make is putting out content that is only about them and means less than nothing to audiences. If you are looking to convert visitors to sales, then tweak your content to tell your audience about how a particular product would help them, rather than the only harp about the features of the product. After all, it’s not always about you.

These facts about content marketing would definitely help you streamline the process of content marketing to bring more sales along with eyes and shares.

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