Growth Hacking: A Blend of Marketing Ideas to Expand your Business

January 16, 2017 digital marketing

Startups are emerging every day and entrepreneurs are being born by the minute. Yet, growth hacking seems to be an ambiguous term for many. Growth hacking is nothing but formulating out-of-the-box marketing strategies for expansion of your startups. It is no rocket science but can be actually seen as a methodical fusion of traditional and new marketing strategies. A growth hacker will experiment with distinct marketing strategies to earn more customers, increase ROI and gain a competitive edge.

Embracing new trends is vital in growth hacking. Matching steps with the changes and adopting marketing strategies that complement these changes will help you stay ahead. Growth hacking can never be comprised of just a few tactics. It is an indefinite sea of potential ideas whose execution will profit your business 10X times.

Let’s see how growth hacking contributes effectively in expanding your startup.

  • Attracts Potential Customers

    Strategies like quality blogging and guest posting will drive more audience to your business website. These visitors can be your potential clients. Guest posting is a tactic that assists in increasing the customer base. With new people reading your quality guest post everyday, more want to know about you and your business. Forum marketing is another strategy that helps you establish brand name. Participate in discussions, answer questions related to your field and build reputation.

  • Engages visitors

    Effective growth hacking techniques help engage new visitors as well as re-visitors. Marketing strategies when implemented with a twist, grab visitors’ attention and keep them engaged. A well-developed website that depicts an interesting story about your business startup can be seen as an effective growth hacking strategy to draw visitors’ attention. Visual infographics are currently creating a furore in the online market. Infographics grab readers’ attention by using visuals as a leverage.

  • Converts leads into customers

    Unique selling proposition is a growth hacking tactic that works like magic in converting leads into paying customers. This also helps increase the sales. Another beneficial strategy to convert leads into customers is email marketing. Sending customised emails to subscribers can turn them into potential buying customers.

  • Maintains customers

    Growth hacking aids in maintaining all the customers that you have acquired through all your rigorous efforts. Making it easy for customers to find the previously viewed content, keeping in touch with them and presenting new, exciting offers to them are a few such strategies that will help you retain customers.
    The ‘survival of the fittest’ game is on and without constructive tactics your business will drown in the competitive world. Growth hacking has the potential of creating a magical effect and benefiting your business significantly.

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6 Growth Hacking: A Blend of Marketing Ideas to Expand your Business

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