Have You Considered These Photo-Sharing Sites in Your Social Marketing Mix?

February 03, 2014 digital marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words. You may roll your eyes and wrinkle up your nose at this much-used and often-abused statement, but businesses know how true it is. That is why some of the most successful businesses place as much importance to marketing on photo-sharing sites as they do to connecting with their audience on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, it is more meaningful for certain types of businesses to share their messages with their customers using images rather than rely on long blogs or 140 characters to connect. Your business too could benefit from connecting with your target audience on photo-sharing sites. If you are considering going the photographic way to add zing to your social media marketing efforts, then keep in mind the best photo-sharing sites out there.


Considered by most brands and digital marketers to be the best amongst its ilk, Instagram has quickly morphed from being just a social networking site where people could post images to become a powerful marketing tool. There are more than 150 million daily active users of Instagram who upload more than 60 million photographs every day. But what is more compelling to businesses is the fact that users spend twice more time on Instagram than they do on Twitter. That Facebook has brought this company is testimony enough to the might and reach of this photo-sharing site. Burberry, Red Bull, and Jaguar have realized the potential of Instagram, and they are now reaping rich rewards with their investment on this social networking site.


With the ability to link Facebook and Twitter accounts with Pinterest profiles, it is evident that this photo-sharing site came into the playing arena ready for brands to make the most of their images. According to statistics, Pinterest users spend about 15 minutes every day on their accounts. What is more, Pinterest links are acknowledged and tracked by Google’s spiders. This makes marketing on Pinterest beneficial from the SEO perspective as well. Fashion brand Topshop had hosted competitions on Pinterest to engage with their users and in the process, had managed to boost their Christmas sales considerably.


Flickr is a very popular photo-sharing site that can be used by business owners to connect and engage with their audience. By posting images relevant to your business on Flickr, you can not only keep your customers interested but also impress Google’s spiders by including the right keywords in the titles, tags, and descriptions. Flickr thus gives you another chance to take a shot at improving your rank on the search engine results pages.

High-resolution images and catchy descriptions can quickly go viral. Your busy customers may not have the time to read an interesting blog, but they will surely have the time to skim over a few attractive images and feel more inclined to share these. Photo-sharing sites make it possible for brands to keep their customers interested in them by sharing rip-roaringly funny, thought-provoking, downright weird, evocative, mushily sentimental, and sugary-sweet images. So the next time you sit down to evaluate your social media marketing strategy, make sure that you consider the above-mentioned photo-sharing sites.

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