How Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm Will Affect the Future of Your Business

November 07, 2013 digital marketing

Hummingbird is the latest search algorithm launched by Google, that intends to return search results more efficiently and accurately. According to Google, Hummingbird has been built with a combination of both old and new components. This new algorithm has been devised to cater to the search demands of this day and age, as opposed to the dated algorithm that was being used until now. As a business owner who has invested in SEO efforts, it is vital to understand how Google now ranks pages in order to help you position your business better.

Here are some of the improvements that Google’s Hummingbird algorithm has brought to the table and how it will affect your business in the long run :

1. It considers not just keywords, but user intent

People find it more meaningful to ask a question or hold a conversation where searches are considered. With Hummingbird, the focus shifts from individual words to the intent behind these words. To produce better results, Hummingbird takes many parameters into accounts such as the location, context of the search, platform, timeliness, conversation cues, device, and hyper-local factors.

Therefore, if a user is searching for a solution for something your company can solve or is looking for a type of service in your area, Hummingbird will go that extra mile to see that these users connect to your website. This results in increased qualified leads on your site, rather than just traffic. In effect, keyword placement is still critical, but the relevant content is absolutely necessary.

2. It places more importance on authority and authorship

Hummingbird’s new focus is content and it asserts that authorship should be given more importance. This has stemmed from the new Google+ authorship attributions and now it is easier for Google to connect content to authors that wrote it.

So, if the Google+ profile of your business is up-to-date and includes attributions for content that you have created, Hummingbird will assume you are an authority in your field. It is critical that your content is valuable, relevant and answers the questions that people are asking. This will allow for it to be shared across social media platforms. Therefore, short-term SEO strategies don’t make the cut anymore. Long-term strategies that are focused on establishing your authority through relationships, quality content and social interactions are what will work.

3. It stresses the mobile experience

Google’s Hummingbird algorithm puts a prime focus on the mobile experience because mobile users are the ones who need faster results and results that are relevant almost immediately. Many mobile users use voice searches such as Siri to ask complex questions like ‘where can I find the best pizza in Long Island?’

Google has recognized that mobile is truly the future. There are many small businesses that assume that just because they do not have an e-commerce website, it is not important to focus on the digital aspect of communication. It is critical to have a strong, relevant presence in the digital space where people can locate you, especially if they are using a mobile phone.

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