How the social scene is bound to change in the upcoming New Year

October 12, 2015 digital marketing

If ever in your life, you have come across emails selling Viagra, a hundred organic Facebook likes, or the LIC agent acting over friendly online, you’ve certainly glimpsed the underbelly of what is commonly known as Digital Marketing.

Social Media Marketing has always been a peculiar thing. In the early days, social media marketing saw quite a bit of criticism where critics actually insisted that it was not a viable marketing strategy, whereas now we are all witnesses to the uber-success of the digital world and how much of an impact it makes on our marketing strategies. Nonetheless, the world of social media is ever changing with a number of brand new platforms coming up every year. The fight is hard to stay on top and continue to do so, hence we are introduced to new and amazing features every now and then.

Predictions have been made about the variety of new trends and changes in the social scene that will take place in 2016. Don’t skip out:

1. In – the – moment updates will be the top of your concern

We already know that Social Media, in itself, solely runs on “in – the – moment” updates, but then there are always some posts that are more “in – the – moment” and latest than the others. Instagram and Snapchat are the two biggest supporters of on – the – go moment updates. This will obviously lead to a new era of social media where immediacy will be the sole concern. If it actually does, you can forget about scheduling all your client’s social media posts in advance.

2. In-app functionality will attract attention 

Facebook, according to us and most of the world, will always remain on top when we talk about in-app functionality. Other than the option to post GIFs(which we are totally crazy about), they’ve introduced Instant articles (a different form of publishing), and in – post search engine (to find articles you’re looking for) and videos that play automatically when scrolling, are our favorites. We’re expecting this trend to continue blissfully throughout 2016 because the social media giants are trying their best to prevent their users from ever leaving their app and going to an external website.

3. “Buy” button will be the new shizz 

If you haven’t noticed it already, Facebook and Pinterest are the two platforms that gained popularity by introducing the “buy” buttons to their users. Mobile users of these two social media handles can make use of this button to buy a product that they come across in a sponsored advertisement, without ever leaving the main app. Well, like we earlier said, in-app functionality is on the rise and so Instagram, too, has come up with a similar feature to endorse their advertising campaigns.

4. The popularity of organic visibility will rise 

As social media marketing has already proved its worth to a range of businesses, more and more are getting a hold of it by the minute. With the increase in the number of businesses engaging in social media marketing, we know how much the competition for organic visibility rises too. Facebook, as always, is already on its way to literally force people to buy their advertisements for a guaranteed organic reach and we, from the last few days have already been witnessing how much “sponsored ads” on Instagram have increased. As more and more businesses emerge in the markets, not only the demand but the cost of such advertisements will see an increase too.

These changes are highly anticipated when considering the social scene. As the new year approaches, we will witness a much bigger change than what is expected. The new age will bring with itself, a bundle of brand new features that we will be able to access to expand. It’s time to start preparing.

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