How to Lose Friends and Alienate People on Facebook

September 10, 2014 digital marketing

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks today, with over 1 billion users active. Everyone you know is on Facebook. But some businesses and individuals misuse the viral natures of their profiles on Facebook to spam their friends and fans.

Here are the five biggest Facebook mistakes to stop making before all your friends organize an intervention for you:

1. Don’t Go Crazy Tagging People in Random Photos

This is one of the biggest Facebook follies that people make. Don’t tag people, friends or otherwise in photos that have absolutely nothing to do with them. People who tag other Facebook users on completely unrelated photos only to garner likes and shares are considered to unholiest of spammers. This will result in an alienation of your friends and fans and don’t be surprised if they don’t take you seriously anymore.

2. Stop Cross-Posting From Twitter

Just because you may be short of stuff to post on Facebook, but sending your Twitter posts automatically to Facebook is just plain bad behaviour. Sure, everyone posts pretty much the same stuff across all forms of social media, but posting it directly means less engagement and bad Facebook etiquette. Doing this reflects badly on you and your brand and makes people assume that you are just too lazy to customise an original post on Facebook.

3. Stop Liking Your Own Posts

Sure, you’ve posted something that you think is awesome, but is it really necessary to tell people that you LIKE it too? Isn’t that kind of obvious by the fact that you’ve posted it in the first place? Besides being repetitive, people use this tactic to ensure that their posts shows up twice in people’s news feeds, thereby giving the post more ‘exposure’. Remember, this underhanded tactic is assumed to be used by people who are insecure about the potential of their post going viral by its own. You don’t want to be viewed as desperate, do you?

4. Stop Spamming People With New Page Invites

While it is vital for any business to have a presence on Facebook, it is also vital to lead people there the correct way. One of the biggest Facebook mistakes brands and businesses make is to create a page for their business and then spam the bejeezus out of people with page invites. Create a page, post interesting stuff on there, share it on your profile and hope that people find your premise interesting enough to follow. Spamming people doesn’t mean that they will LIKE your page and they might not like you any more either.

5. Quit Adding People to Random Groups

Adding people to random groups is yet another Facebook mistake that no one should commit. More often than not, when you sign someone up to be part of a group, they might miss the notification and then suddenly, before you know it, they are spammed with notifications about every single update and post of the group. This leads to very upset users reaching their tipping point and finally leaving the group or turning off notifications. The trick is to let them out to be part of the group you create through posts that are engaging, valuable and relevant.

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