How to make sh*t happen!

November 18, 2015 digital marketing

We all know how distracting and disturbing things get when you really, badly, like urgently need to get some work done. And on the day of submission people tend to bother us even more.

We have a quick checklist for you to speed up the work and kick off all the disturbances:

1. Stay healthy, stay bright

A healthy body influences a healthy mind. Stay fit, eat healthily and rise early. Practice healthy habits and physical exercise if possible. It fills in positive energy to start the work.

2. De-clutter your workstation

Clear your desk. Put away extra papers lying around, collect all stationary in one place. Keep away everything else that you won’t be needing.

3. Shut off Social Media distractions

We know it is very tempting and has become a daily routine to regularly check our phones and social media updates and keep a continuous track of it. But shutting that off for a while or even a day wouldn’t make much difference to your life! Done, tested, ok. You can go for it!

4. Note down every thought

As we have mentioned it in our earlier blogs also, carry a pen and notepad everywhere (smart phones have conveniently replaced the need). This won’t disturb you and will help you not missing out on any thought.

5. Eat the frogs first:

No, not literally, we mean to attack the worst and the most tedious task first. Focus and try finishing it to the best of your attention. Once the master of all villains is killed the game then becomes a child’s play.

6. Track time:  

Keep a track of time. Every task you appoint yourself should have a deadline to increase productivity and get the task finished within the given time.

7. Take a break:

If you are stuck for more than 30 minutes, get up, leave the chair, and take a break.

8. Tune into music

Music is the best escape and is a person’s best friend at work. Put your headphones on, unstring yourself from everyone. Music will help you stay focused, ignore PEOPLE. Your colleagues will also avoid disturbing you seeing you detached. Music also helps you work in sync with your co-worker and speed up the productivity of your team. When music is on people avoid unnecessary conversations keeping it short and to the point.

9. Hell no

Nobody other than you will understand the urgency of your work and consequences of unfinished tasks. Stand for yourself to save your butt, politely say no, and make them understand the urgency and they will not feel very bad to be put down. Working as a team leader, take the responsibility and guard your team against these time killing and distracting monsters.

10. Don’t check your phone & Emails while nailing the task

It is a big distraction and checking mobile phones takes a lot of time even if it’s the tiniest task on the phone (you wouldn’t agree more with us!). Give your work priority and get it done as soon as possible. Invest the time that you will lose on your phone or replying to emails in completing the Sh*t (we mean the task) you’ve got. You might see a mail with some urgent task but if you do not check the mail because of being on another deadline, it will be easier to deal with all your tasks.

Now that we’ve taught you how to be productive and how to get shit done, so go hooman work all day, party all night!

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