How to Spot a Legit SEO Professional

October 21, 2013 digital marketing

Search Engine Optimisation is a key ingredient to any successful online marketing campaign as well as web commerce. An SEO expert creates customised solutions that are optimized for search engines, in order to give your company a digital edge over its competitors by increasing its profile online and enhancing visibility in search results. But while many people claim to be experts in the field of SEO, how do you really identify someone who’s clued into the game? The thing about SEO is firstly that no one is an expert. Why? Because the rules and parameters evolve so often that it is a constant learning process and not give anyone enough time to gain optimum expertise on the subject. To find out that you are being led in the right direction,

Here are some parameters to gauge an SEO professional on

1. Check for Examples of Past Success

Most SEO experts will have case studies put together which reveals their successful past campaigns. Ask to see these case studies or snapshots of Google Analytics so that you can get a feel of the kind of work that they have done and of what you can expect when they come on board.

2. Ask Them Their Opinion On Penguin 2.0

Penguin 2.0 has truly changed the face of SEO and was a major change to the search algorithms used by Google. The SEO expert that you hire should be well-acquainted with the details of Penguin 2.0. What your SEO expert says about Penguin 2.0 will tell you what they think about link spam tactics. Your SEO expert should give you an insight on how Penguin 2.0 is way more sophisticated than other traditional search algorithms and on the hunt for things like black hat tricks, spammy tactics, and keyword stuffing. That way you can shift your focus on quality back-links and quality content.

3. Talk To Them About Quality Content

High quality content is something that almost anyone can identify and value. Some SEO experts may commit to creating and circulating quality content on behalf of your product or service, but go on to submitting ‘articles’ that are not only filled with grammatical errors and difficult to read but also inaccurate in facts and figures. This is usually because every sentence is rife with keywords they think will get hits. While this is not completely untrue and keywords may bring in some short-term traffic, once they read your illegible article, they are gone forever. This makes you lose your credibility as a reputed brand, product or service. Your professional image is at stake after all. When you approach this in a hands-on way, you can protect the brand image of your company. You can do this by insisting on approving any content that is distributed by your SEO expert. When your SEO expert gives you information on some of their current clients, visit their websites to gauge their content and see if it is high-quality.

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