How to Turn Site Visitors Into Customers – (Infographic)

November 05, 2013 Blog

Your landing page can make or break a deal, drive users to contact you, and eventually convert a visitor to a potential customer.

Here are some ways to create a successful landing page that goes the distance :

1. Website Navigation

Your landing page has to showcase what your company has to offer and has to capture your visitor’s attention. Remove all navigational links from your landing page. This ensures a longer time of visit and a focus on the offer, product or service and nothing else.

2. Content-Location

It is important to place your content on the left hand side of the page and a contact form on the right hand side. Studies show that humans read from left to right and when people are on a landing page, they want information before they can commit to filling out a form.

3. Headline

You have just a few seconds to capture the attention of a visitor. If your user has landed on your page after clicking a link is a bit vague in nature, you need to seal the deal with a catchy, attention-getting headline. This headline needs to convey everything you want to say in a concise manner that is relevant to your offer, product or service.

4. Describe your Product or Service

Your landing page must clearly communicate what you have to offer in as few words as possible. Anything is cumbersome to read tends to lose a user’s attention. Only give mild sales pitches for your product or service. Don’t hard-sell as it tends to be putting off. Tell your visitors how they can benefit from your product or service in a language that is easy to read and comprehend.

5. Fill-Up Form

Site visitors are less likely to convert to customers if you don’t have a form that is easily accessible. Place the form in a place where it is easily visible to save yourself the heartbreak of losing a customer.

6. Photos

Adding photos is the best way to cut the clutter and end textual monotony. A couple of good-looking photographs draw a user’s attention, but too many tend to deviate from the purpose of the landing page in question.

7. Social Media

Your landing page must have social media buttons so that visitors can share it with people on social networking sites. This helps to drive more traffic to your page . Place your social media buttons in such a way that it generates traffic but doesn’t divert attention from your product or service.

8. Privacy Policy

Always add a privacy policy page so that users can rest assured that their contact details wont land in the wrong hands and will be more willing to give it up to you.

9. High Quality Questions

Ask relevant, necessary, questions on a lead conversion form that won’t drive users away from your offer. First acquire basic contact information, followed by other information that could help your offers to generate quality leads.


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