Instagram stats that will make marketers raise a brow

January 24, 2017 digital marketing

Instagram Statistics for Every Marketer

Today, Instagram is one of the ruling applications in the digital market allowing people to share personal moments with the world. However, as opposed to the current scenario, the photo-sharing app’s server crashed too often when it was launched in 2010. So, what brought about this turn of events?

Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s cofounder credited luck when questioned in an interview on NPR podcast – ‘How I Built This’. He said, ‘I have this thesis that the world runs on luck. Everyone gets lucky for some amount in their life. And the question is, are you alert enough to know you’re being lucky or you’re becoming lucky.’

But, it was more than just luck. From adding a number of innovative filters to making the app an open network, Kevin Systrom and his cofounder Mike Krieger, cleverly built Instagram to what it is today. Thanks to their ingenuity, novice photographers now have a platform to show their talent to many, fans get to become up close with famous personalities and know about brands like yours.

Instagram is developing persistently with its popularity ever increasing. Its feature – ‘Instagram Stories’ which was added in August ’16 already has more than 150 million daily active users. It wouldn’t be too wrong to wonder what Instagram has next in store.

With all the rage that it has created in the digital world, Instagram has become an indispensable tool for marketers. Here is a list of Instagram statistics that will tell you we are right.

Instagram’s User Statistics

1. More than 600 million users active use Instagram every month

If your manager asks whether people actually use Instagram, you can rigorously nod your head in a YES. The love for this photo-sharing app is evident from its huge active user base of more than 600 million people. Some will indeed doubt how “active” the user base actually is, but then sceptics can be preferably ignored.

2. More than 40 billion photos till date.

40 billion photos is just so mind-boggling! With an average of 95 million photos and videos being shared per day, Instagram users have posted more than 40 billion photos till date. Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has seen photos that are more in number than the population of dear Mother Earth in just 6 years!

The usage of Instagram shot up through the sky since Facebook took over Instagram. The photo-sharing app users share 95 million photos and videos at an average, indicates Instagram statistics. This number will certainly rise in upcoming years. Being a global businessman, you may ask how beneficial Instagram is as a marketing tool. If you think, Instagram’s user base is limited to Americans only, then you are utterly wrong.

3. 80% of Instagram’s user base consists of Non-Americans

In June 2016, Instagram stated that 80% of its audience are from countries other than the United States. This suggests that high advertising revenue can be earned globally. A report by eMarketer predicts that Instagram’s mobile ad revenue will be $2.81 billion in 2017, of which 10% accounts for Facebook’s global ad revenue. In 2016, Instagram approximately, made a business of $1.53 billion through mobile ad revenues which was a 144% increase year-over-year and amounted to 8.4% of Facebook’s global mobile ad revenue. If you further doubt that Instagram is used by a certain section of population then allow us to prove you wrong.

4. 31% American women and 24% men use Instagram

Instagram is viewed as the best platform to share photos and videos by people of different age and gender. But it is observed that women fancy it a tad bit more.

According to a study by Pew research centre of U.S residents, women like Instagram more than men. While 31% of American women use Instagram, men lag behind them with only 24% using the photo-sharing app.

Similar difference is observed in case of teenagers too. You can easily sell your brand to teenage girls as compared to boys. 23% girls aged between 13-17 years use Instagram as opposed to 17% boys.

5. The like “button” is struck 4.2 billion times a day

Instagram is the best way to engage your customers. If you have a platform which does not cost you to get likes from your customers then why not use it to the fullest? According to Instagram, users hit ‘like’ about 4.2 billion times per day.

Instagram’s Business Statistics

6. 70.7% business brands will use Instagram in 2017

Instagram has become the ‘go-to’ market for many business brands. Out of the top 100 brands, 90% use Instagram as promotional platform. According to brandwatch, 96% U.S fashion brands are active on Instagram. It is estimated that in 2017, 70.7% of all U.S companies will have an Instagram account.

Forrester conducted a social media study in 2016. It reflected the online marketing strategies of top 50 global brands. The research study assessed 2,489 posts of 249 different brands and the 11.8 million user interactions that happened over the posts. They gathered data about top brands use of social networking sites, the number of fans they have accumulated, the number of times they post on social sites and the user interactions over their posts. It was found that over 1 million Instagram user follow a top brand which is 5X the followers in 2015.

While top brands post 4.9 times every week, it is evident that to rank amongst the top brands, one should post atleast 5 times per week on Instagram.

7. Standard filter is used by 60% top brands on Instagram

Instagram helps create a brand name. Having a customised aesthetic look for your brand will assist you in this task. WebDam’s visual social media report showed that 60% top brands use one and the same filter for all their posts.

With several filters available at your disposal, pick one and stay loyal to it.

8. Instagram activities of B2C marketers will increase more as compared to B2B marketers.

It is very unlikely for businesses to learn about other businesses through a photo-sharing app. However, Instagram is a blessing for all B2C businesses. It can be used extensively to increase sales and prompt customers to make a purchase.

With all these statistics being made available, you can now craft the best Instagram marketing strategies to create brand identity and improve your sale.

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