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January 19, 2017 digital marketing

High Time to Explore Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an online strategy wherein you get influential people to endorse your brand products and services. Through key leaders, you spread your brand’s name to large masses. This is an effective marketing tactic, since authoritative personalities help gain credibility amongst consumers by championing the brand products. Influencer marketing is a way of making your brand reach many. It not only creates brand awareness but also helps in amassing more followers, pushes consumers to give your products and services a shot, and ultimately increases sales.

What makes an influencer marketing campaign successful?

One might assume that influencing audiences through social leaders is all that it is to influencer marketing. However, it is that, and much much more! An effective influencer marketing strategy will be based on following considerations:

  • Knowing your target audience

    One should know and accept that not everyone out there is your audience. Knowing your target audience helps you pick the type of social influencer that you would want to promote your brand.

  • Identifying suitable influencer

    Finding an influencer from your niche is essential. This will help create a better impression on your target audience. It isn’t very necessary to opt for the most influential people from your field. Micro-influencers can also do the job quite effectively.

  • Defining your goals

    You need to know what you want to achieve through extensive influencer marketing campaigns. This helps in getting desired ROI since you will be hiring the influencers either by paying them or by providing the products and services free or at discounted price.

  • Keeping a track of success

    Tracking success will let you know whether your influencer campaign is creating the desired effects. It will help you in knowing how fruitful your strategy is proving to be. Success can be measured in terms of brand awareness, rise in followers, increase in sales, etc.

How to find key influencers?

Much thought needs to be put while selecting an influencer for marketing your brand. But first, you need to find influencers who are capable of building brand trust amongst their fan base and beyond. Following are a few ways of searching for influencers who are creating a buzz in your field.

  • Search Engines

    Search engines can be used for finding people who are writing and talking about your field. This includes visiting several websites, navigating through them to obtain contact info and noting them down using a spreadsheet to keep a track. Although this may seem to be a time consuming task, it yields great results. It helps you find more people from your niche and also provides you an opportunity of expanding your network.

  • Social networking sites

    Social networking sites are significant places to find worthy people belonging to your field. Social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ are equal to mines of influencers. Find industry leaders who have remarkable fan base by using the search function and follow them.

  • Social influence measuring tools

    These are the most effective in finding influencers from your industry. Social influence measuring tools crawl through websites and social media sites, collecting data about fan base, analysing interactions and then ranking people according to their influence based on the gathered info. These tools make it extremely easy for you to find authoritative figures in your industry. Klout, BlogPluse, Technorati are a few such influence measuring tools.

Awakening trust for your brand amongst consumers is a must and influencers can do this job efficiently. By promoting your brand, they can build faith amidst their followers and develop credibility for your brand. This will in turn raise your audience base and create a brand identity. With all the evident benefits there is simply no reason to ignore the highly productive influencer marketing strategy.

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