Motion Videos that Do the Talking

Adding motion to your business.

You think the Mannequin Challenge was cool?

Of course, it was but in the world of online-to-offline trends. When 66% of social media posts are visual, creating a social media post without any visual element in it is suicidal for your social media strategy.

Motion graphics has sure become a seamless part of the online world, have you embraced or are you yet dragging the old dump without any moves? If you still have no idea what is motion graphics design, now you’ll know. Have you ever made/seen a flip book? Motion graphics is exactly same but a digital form of it.

To draw attention of the ever busy world, the usual still photos and texts aren’t enough anymore. Human eyes are programmed to detect motion and respond to it appropriately. Call it survival instinct of animals, but that’s the way motion graphics animation work – grab the eyeballs and entice the user to take action. The trick is to create enough noise without being cacophonous.

Wondering why, yet?

The world has grown way past the billboard ads, print campaigns in newspapers and for that matter even the still digital ads. Have a look at your Social media wall, everything out there is moving; begging for your attention. Animation is one of the most effective forms of communication when done right. Adding motion to graphics adds value and just multiples chances of grabbing the eyeballs for a little longer. Additionally, our motion graphics aren’t camera shy! Your team may not want to be in front of a camera so better let our animation do the talking.

We, at Infinista say that the ultimate simplicity will bring sophistication to your design and a sophisticated design is timeless. Apart from the fact that motion graphics videos can easily be shared, a creative motion graphics do not cost a lot if we compare them to other type of videos. Explainer videos which have become a rage among business marketers is an excellent example of this. Right from start-ups with tight budgets to large organizations with millions of dollars in marketing budgets, everyone wants to reach their audience in an affordable way.

Why should we do your video?

Cos’ our limit is quite literally your imagination. With our Pixar inspired motion artists, you can bring your complete business process to life. Our approach is to first understand client’s motive and the idea of the brand. Then, take offense from the benchmarks that the clients share and create something much more wow! Our intuitive motion graphics designers team takes ownership and creates the storyboards like it’s our own brainchild. Wonder how will we do what we said?


Pull your potential customers with our notional motion graphics studio and establish yourself with the new marketing baits. Showcase your complex ideas(products/services) with a self explanatory video today.  At Infinista Concepts, we believe that creating motion graphics need deeper understanding of colors, minimalism, storyline and whole lot of common sense.

Creating viral content is excellent, but it does not necessarily mean increased sales for any company. What your business needs is excellent ROI for your marketing dollars.

We’ve learnt from the ancestors, and practised to master the art long before our release. Try us and we’ll show you how it’s done.

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