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August 14, 2017 Culture

Hey there,

If you are following us on social media you definitely know about our fun painting activity on 12th-13th August at the PMC school in support of the widest social activity in Pune, 2 Taas Swachh Pune Prayas by various groups in Pune.

The artistic activity was this month’s #OnTheBrighterSide!

On a bustling street of kothrud, there is a PMC school, Vidya Niketan which had a boring wall enough to inspire the little students coming to school. With the help of other social activists in Pune, Team Infinista had taken up to beautify the wall.

On 12th August, the team went to prep up the wall. We scrubbed the wall and gave a base paint for it to be dry and ready to scribble on the next morning.

13th August, we drew visuals that would inspire the curious minds going to school everyday. We had social messages, inspirational leaders, freedom fighters, and sportsmen painted on the wall for our tomorrow to learn and take responsible actions.

Here’s how we brought the wall to life:

The wall has turned out just as we’d thought. The event that took place on 13th of August in Pune was a shout out to clean and beautify the beloved city. If we, the responsible citizen make a resolution and pledge to cleanliness, it will not be long when Pune will be an inspiration for other cities in the nation.

If you want to join us for our upcoming activities, stay tuned, we usually create an event a week earlier.


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