The Launch of engajer’s Innovative Video Tool Takes Social Media Engagement To The Next Level

November 07, 2013 digital marketing

It is quite a struggle to find the perfect combination of social media platforms to promote your business because it is difficult to find the right balance between promotional efforts and other business activities. There are several user-friendly tools on the market today that are going that extra mile towards connecting businesses with existing and prospective customers such as HootSuite and TweetDeck. These tools do not consume too much of your time but effectively increase the consistency of your communication. Another great tool is engajer that has recently launched a smart video tool that allows users to deliver company information by embedding interactive video presentations directly into their Facebook pages.

Here is a little insight into engajer’s video tool :

  • What it does

    Businesses are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to engage users and market themselves on social media platforms. engajer breaks down a business’ company content into comprehensive 30 second segments that are displayed on a video platform. With engajer, users can navigate through presentations based on their preferences, unlike YouTube. This gives users the freedom to either choose the next module to view, respond to a call-to-action or send an email. This leads to a deeper form of engagement among users from all categories. The user will be taken from one selection to the other by an engajer.

  • Insights provided

    Business owners can get valuable insights into user behavior, the content they want to engage with and the content they want to see. This is due to the fact that the components of engajer’s video tool can be tracked and measured.

  • The commercials involved

    Business owners can customize engajer’s video tool to fit their needs. The best part is that it is free to get started. If you use engajer’s analytics tool or if you need engajer’s assistance to produce your video, there is a charge attached. If you are selling something through engajer’s e-commerce model, the company takes a small percentage of every revenue transaction.

  • Getting started

    All users have to do is paste a link directly to their Facebook page to embed their engajer. The best part is that when a user clicks the link, it doesn’t redirect him to another site, but remains on your Facebook page itself. This allows you to grip users who tend to have short attention spans when surfing the web.

  • The competition

    There are other tools on Facebook too that have been instrumental in enhancing brand engagement such as Alerti. This social media management and monitoring service scans blogs, online press, forums, as well as social networks, thereby allowing businesses to gauge what is being said about them on the Internet. In comparison, engajer offers your viewer engajers about your business as well as the freedom of choosing how they want to interact with you.

While it is a difficult task to engage potential customers on social media, innovative tools like engajer’s video tool can help lighten the burden.

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