Virtual Reality – The Next Big Tool for Marketing

March 24, 2017 digital marketing

Virtual Reality has successfully paved its way from the gaming arena to the marketing battleground. Soon we will find augmented and virtual reality to be a part of our daily lives. Marketers around the world have already taken notice of it and are exploring it to its best value.

Let us take a notice of those brands that have already ‘felt, seen and touched’ success through virtual reality.

  • McDonald

    One of the coolest marketing strategies was McDonald promoting their Happy Meal Box by turning it into a virtual reality toy box. People can reconstruct the happy meal box into a goggle and use it to play the game named Slope Stars. Although they haven’t yet started the concept in all countries, it was launched in Sweden on trial basis.


  • Coca Cola

 Coca Cola rolled out their Christmas promotional campaign using Virtually Reality in Poland. Using the modern technology, people could ride a sleigh and virtually visit different villages as a Santa Clause. With this, Coca Cola introduced the people of Poland to Virtual Reality and effectively showed off their brand.


  • Volvo

    Volvo hopped onto the opportunity of supporting the launch of XC90 SUV with the use of Virtual Reality. It launched an app using which, people can sit in the cockpit and have an ideal ride. Although the experience did not seem to be very real, it was a clever way to capture people’s attention and make them curious enough to take the virtual ride.


  • Patron

Ever thought a Tequila company would use Virtual Reality to market their product. If you are nodding your head in negative, then you need to see Patron’s 360° virtual journey of their product. A perfect blend of live action and animation, this ad gives us an inside look on how their Tequila makes its way to grand parties. We say Cheers to their impressive marketing strategy!


  • Merrel

Awesome, amazing, speechless are just a few words people used to express what they felt about Trailscape – a virtual hiking trail created by Merrel to launch their new hiking boots, the Capra.  It proved to be one wild hiking experience for adventurers. Till date, this marketing campaign using Virtual Reality has proved to be the most powerful.


Virtual Reality is bound to make a huge impact on marketing strategies in near future. It is time to explore the option and use it to the fullest.  The numerous other areas where Virtual Reality can be used are – Expeditions, archeological surveys, space explorations, concerts, real estate, etc. Using VR you can provide an exceptionally memorable experience to your customers. By delivering a near real feel, you can influence customers and incline them into buying your products.

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