Zameer Inspires the Passionate Designing Aspirants at ISAA (Indian Society of Art and Animation)

August 31, 2016 Culture


On July 29th, 2016, The Indian Society of Art and Animation (ISAA) had organised a session to inspire both the students as well as professionals from graphic and web designing field.

Zameer Havaldar, Founder and CEO of Infinista Concepts, was invited to address the eager and the passionate crowd of the fellow aspirants as well as the faculties. Hundreds of design fanatics gathered in the auditorium; a few excited while a few bemused about what the session is going to be like.

Zameer was honoured to take on to the stage and a bit impatient too, to take all the assembly through the ride of a dream, ambition, the struggle, and the rise of the creative tank he went on to be. Not an eye blinked, and all the people empathised and cheered through the journey of a boy which was nothing short of a dream come true – ‘rags to riches story’.


For every mind who anticipated an educative session about designing, Zameer explored every nook and corner of his design inspirations and the kind of hard work and efforts which one needs to put in, to achieve something extravagant. He also showered a few tips on how a person should think out of the box and how to take the rust off from one’s creative sword by following a certainly dedicated regime. He made sure that each and everyone present in the session got a chance to ask questions, and also made a point to answer them so that the person leaves the session with a resolved mindset.

Everyone present was so glued and in the awe of the speech that they lost the track of the time. What was supposed to be just an hour long of talk, went on and on, and got extended to two hours. Only if time had permitted the exchange of intellectual between students and Zameer would’ve lasted even longer.


Even after he had finished addressing the entire auditorium, students managed to flock him on the college gates to have one more one-on-one session. The students of ISAA were amazingly curious about many things and showed signs of a bright and creative designing future. Zameer was more than surprised to see the wit and curiosity of all the folks.


After an interactive and exhaustive session, we are sure that the students must have found peace and a path to their journey in designing.


The entire infinista Concepts team was happy and honoured to see their leading crew member stand tall and inspire the youth of ISAA. We thank the entire ISAA team for their honourable gesture and hospitality. We believe that a lot is yet to be explored together and we will continue the same in the coming years.

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