10 Creative Typefaces We Love

December 17, 2013 Graphic Design

Typefaces are great ways to make a design project grab your target audience by the eyeballs. It takes a great deal to choose good fonts from the bad ones. A unique typeface will help you make an impact in a bold or subtle way, but an impact you can be sure it will make. There are tons to choose from, some radical, others classic and some just way out there. But we have our favourites. We’ve knocked it down to about 10, all of which are available to use through free download or purchase. Here’s our line-up of the top 10 creative typefaces we love.

1. HelvetiCandy

Who doesn’t love candy? And when there’s a fully functional font made entirely out of candy, we bet it’s hard to resist. Just looking at this font made us feel like Hansel and Gretel when they came upon the candy house in the forest. What’s even more amazing than the font itself is how you ‘pay’ to start using it – through a Tweet or a Facebook share.

2. Organic Font Set from Visual Freaks

It really doesn’t get more organic than this one. This creative typeface is representative of the varying stages of life – birth, death, and all the other stuff in between. Anything related to life can be displayed through this typeface, including words and meaningful phrases.

3. Mincemeat Font

Meat lovers can rejoice with this creative typeface that features, what else, but mincemeat! This typeface is crafted out of sculpted meat, shaped into letters and can be used in vector form to illustrate phrases and words.

4. GRIBA Typeface by Agung Maskund

GRIBA is an experimental typeface that is pretty unique. Why? Because it features letters with a funky ‘double line’ element. It comes with a variety of glyphs and is fully formatted for multiple languages.

5. DropType

DropType’s floral element makes it perfect for many colourful projects. This creative typeface has been handmade by Filiz Sahin and is free for commercial and personal use.

6. Motorpieces by Cloutier Fonts

Automotive buffs will totally relate to this typeface that is crafted out of car, truck, and other motor pieces. You can decorate and colour this handcrafted and detailed font for any auto-related needs.

7. Vampirevich by Intellecta Design

Ok this typeface is a little creepy, but who doesn’t love morbid stuff once in a while? Each letter features a unique set of designs and embellishments and is perfect for anything that needs a bit of horror.

8. iPhone Emitted Light Typeface

There seems to be something for everyone! If you can’t do without your iPhone, here’s a way you can take that obsession into your designs as well. Marcus Byrne who has a love for typography and we’re presuming, his iPhone, has created something pretty radical. This creative typeface has been made from the light made by his iPhone app icons. The characters were shot totally in the dark with different degrees of exposure times. It is a 3D funky and super-fun typeface that can be coloured and tinkered around with too. It is free for personal and commercial use.

9. Mr.Poster by Frisk Shop

Mr.Poster is a fun little venture by Frisk Shop, who has taken the trouble to handcraft every letter with unique elements, each different from the other. But the beauty is that it flows seamlessly to create the perfect piece of typography that is perfect for design.

10. Blu by LeoKoppelkam

This complex but creative typeface has a multi-layer design that allows you to include more than one color into the font. Not only is it easy to use, but it comes with a Plugin to help you use it without problems in InDesign.

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