Simple, smart and minimal graphics only.

What we do

Infinista Concepts is a graphic design company that creates visuals to make your brand connect with your target audience, just like emotional daily soaps and the Indian audience. As an infographic design provider, we understand exactly how much ball busting is required to come up with an epic poster or image that aptly represents your product.

Why you should need what we do

Apart from having a great product at the core, brands need to make the right noise in order to get noticed. Given the poor attention span that we humans, possess a concept that needs to be pitched within seconds in a way to ring a bell with all.

Promotions nowadays have gone way past billboard ads, print campaigns in newspapers and mags and the odd TV commercial starring a celebrity Pierce Brosnan. It’s the digital age and corporate identity ads have been converted to GIFs and flash images. Take a good look at the right panel of your FB account and you will see it plastered with ads of brands whose webpages you have recently visited.

Graphic Design has the power to make your target audience take notice and become your dedicated followers. Think about it, what would you rather do to get to know about a new product? Read a page long write up about it (BIG YAWWWWWN) or look at a funky image that hits the nail on the head? The latter of course!

Why Choose us?

We know with the great power of graphic design, comes great responsibility, which is why brand identity manager Infinista Concepts, takes great pains to deliver you everything, in time and style. We engage with your product like it’s our brainchild and come up with great pictorials to sell it. GIFs, flash images and posters- we can handle it all.

If you are wondering how our legen-wait for it-dary graphics design team shall add to your corporate brand identity, then here is the game plan we have formulated for you:



Crisp yet impactful. Rest assured your message to reach your target audience perfectly.


Ingenious Designs

Our graphics design team converts your briefs into edgy designs that add to your corporate identity.


Your Story, Your Way

Give us what you see in your brainchild to see us return with designs that sell like hot cakes.

Latest Tech

Trust us to pitch designs tailored to suit digital media. GIFs, flash images, motion graphics- we have it all.

Married to Marketing

We synchronize graphics, content marketing and brand building with others to make you super popular.


Experience Galore

We are know-it-alls about what works best with brands and what doesn’t for our extensive experience.

Graphics are definitely the way to get your potential customers hooked to your (click)bait. After all, wouldn’t you want some bright, shiny and dopey graphics to scream out your products’ worth? Remember, with Infinista Concepts as your infographic design agency, you can get soooooooo much more than that!

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