11 unique creativity tips, not one will tell you

August 10, 2015 Graphic Design

1. Write down ideas

A human brain tendency, it often forgets 70% of the things he thinks.

Losing a hold over Creative ideas is a degrading side effect of the human mind. A simple and obvious solution to this is to write down your thoughts! Carry a notepad (quite an outdated tool), use mobile notes, an alternative to which is recording voice notes on your phone. Write down every detail of every idea you think, see, and read. Difficult to recollect? Write down anything and everything you can and then connect the dots. This is the Proofread method.

2. Be open to criticism

There are various kinds of people whose perception differ multi variously. Criticism comes along with every great idea, it is a byproduct of Wonders. Every creative person has criticism as a part of their daily lives. It is your look out how do you deal with the criticism. Judge the critics, weigh their views and accept it with an open mind. Getting offended will discourage you from outdoing your abilities.

3. Be Judgmental

Only you can judge yourself and your work. Don’t let anyone take the authority. If you like the work, you should undauntedly go ahead and promote it. Yet irrespective of anything, you should always welcome suggestions and advice coming from every source. Knowledge is never a harmful drug.

4. Don’t get time? Make time!

Being creative needs tremendous concentration and placidity. Taken away from the busy everyday schedule we do not get time for thinking about ingenious art residing within us. Do not use this as an excuse, find a reason, and soak time out of it. If you ought to be a creator, Make time for it. Unless you yourself stop giving excuses and make time, you will never have time.

5. Act more, think even more.

Being a crackerjack needs a lot of thought, you cannot just create crap and present it spoofing yourself. Likewise, writing ideas and having a creative mind alone doesn’t help you climb the mountain, keep working in a direction to make your artwork better, ‘acting’ and ‘thinking’ must be synchronous. Action speaks louder than words, act more than you speak, act more and think even more… the brain-work is a must!

6. Notice every ‘Detail’

After a masterpiece is ready, artist inquisitively eyes every detail to make it the talk of big mouths. To build a chimerical paradise from your creative artwork, paying attention to every detail is the last brick you should add to the construction. Detailing makes you sure of no errors and a feeling of confidence arises. Details altogether make a design.

7. Enjoy your creations

If you are agitated with your work, it is tentative that you are not giving in with all your might. Enjoying your work is the key to get the best in you out. Getting glee in your work will open your mind to more artistic visions. A diligent request to you is, to stop showing mercy on yourself. If you are not enjoying what you do, it is a clear indication for you to STOP working on it.

Enjoy your creation to the fullest to imbibe the joy to the soul. Pouring your heart and soul into your art will reflect the desired results you seek to achieve.

8. Surround yourself with creative people

Have you heard about Aura? The kind of aura you are surrounded by are the kinds of forces and energies you immerse yourself in. Also, as the saying goes, Birds of a feather flock together, if you want to be creative hang out with the same kind of birds. For a creative person, it is always motivating to meet people sharing similar feelings, hobbies and interests. It also gives you an opportunity to have various perspectives on your own idea/thought, who knows you might find an idea of turning your world around!

9. Get inspired, be original

Inspiration is the mother of creativity. Every successful person takes inspiration from his idol, every great artist is an inspiration from the other. A copy is a disguise used for inspiration these days. But warn you, inspiration purely means getting an idea, you shall make your own and be original. This will help you keep in for a long haul.

10. Do not give up!

Have you observed an ant? She keeps moving and does not give up. Talking about her will and a conviction to move ahead come what may. Likewise, failure is not the end, it is a new opportunity to discover a new way to keep moving on. Learn from your mistakes, they teach you what not to do in the next attempt. Failure only means you have another chance for an attempt yet more intelligent. Hence, do not give up! As said by many, “Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also”.

11. Be curious.

“Be Curious?” said the legend, Steve Jobs! Curiosity is the key to Creativity. It’s the fuel for driving motors of marvelous creative minds… Curiosity is the desire to know, keeping the flame of this desire burning within you, ignites your vision. A creative leader who stresses on ‘why not’ instead of ‘why’ is certainly going to make it for himself. Curiosity opens up new worlds and possibilities. Hunger for new ideas, ways and possibilities will keep you moving up the ladder.

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