6 Free Fonts To Make Your Designs Speak

May 22, 2015 Graphic Design

A font is not just a typeface, it’s a gift to all the nurturers of art. Designers today have been hunting to style up their matter with numerous types of font styles, potentially strong font relating to the subject matter is a continuous need of the millennia.

Here are some fascinating free fonts which will make you allure all your designs:


Marco Ugalini created this new typeface, which is inspired by geometrical shaped fonts. The name of the font is inspired by a South African anti-apartheid activist, Steve Biko.

Biko looks very casual and friendly to the users yet depicts a strong making. This font comes strong, looks very sharp and has got the feature of putting forth ideas very simply in a bold way which adds to the value of text. The font looks good on display boards, logos and even for heading texts. It is free for personal use and projects.

Biko has a sharp feature of giving out a bold message.




Font Azedo is created by a Portugal designer, Pedro Azedo who created this as a personal project, he later generously decided to share his beautifully magnificent work with the world.

This font plays with the idea of low center of gravity, has its effect most prominent in the type crossbars and heights. It is released in two weights- bold & light both, to let you use it in more depth and explore its caliber. It surely seems to be promising enough to make great designs and also help in creating some eminent logo designs.




Cassannet is named after a famous French artist, an icon of art inspiration, A.M. Cassandre.

Cassandre designed a poster for a famous wine brand, giving a tribute to which, Atipo – a studio in Spain released a typeface which shows a dedication of their work towards him and brought to life a new typeface which is a collaboration of the names of, epitome of art, Cassandre and the wine brand, Dubonnet.

Cassannet is heavily and beautifully geometric, fluid, elegant and eye catching! It is a sans-serif typeface. Users of this, can solely count on the font to make an impact on the viewers.




Manifesto is a vector type font, designed by Tomaz Leskovec, inspired by Italian Rationalist Movement.

This type of font provokes one to express his desired thoughts. There are given four ‘voices’ of the Manifesto Family- Regular, Slant, Stout and Stencil having an intention of your typographical reply, and push for a thorough design. The font speaks, and gives a personal touch to the text like it is talking to you in person. The font has the potential of drawing focus in just a scroll. It can be used for headlines and posters, it gives a clean and simple look.

Manifesto is visually pleasing, clean and glorious. The creator has kept it pleasantly readable and unpretentiously simple.




Hamster is a cursive type, brush lettering inspired font. It depicts traditional type of signs, worked out to match the dynamic flow of the font and the required legibility. It takes us to the visuals of old café hoardings, cinema boards, and Retro clubs, it travels you through the old styles. Hamster is suitable to be used for Headlines, T-shirt designing, Posters, Branding identity, and Signage’s. It looks hand written and is very artistic.

Designers can spend a minute on thinking of its use in many of their designs.




Code Font is inspired by original sans serif family, it is available in—light, regular and bold.

It is a Mono spaced, open-type font, the spacing makes it visually fit and un-ambitious designs of the letters make it more friendly looking. It stands out and is unique in its style, it is also magnificent and simply looks good.

Code seems to be clean, elegant and straight to the point. It is absolutely suitable in all designs. Undeterred by its use, this font still stays attention grabbing and can be variedly used.


These font types come off as very promising, these designers have an idea of putting forth the best of fonts which are worth a share! Go forward and do the service, bringing them to light.

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