6 Questions that Answer, ‘Why Should you Consider a Website Redesign?

December 10, 2015 Web Design

Is your website design too ancient? Have you felt the need of changing your website design looking at a competitor? Find your website running back of the time? Arrghh! Such a terrible confusion. You must be in a dilemma while making a decision for a website re-design! Of course, it’s a crucial decision for your brand.

To clear the clouds, we have just the right checklist for you!

1. When was your website last designed?

If you’ve got your website made ages ago, it’s time you consider designing it for the dynamic millennial generation who mostly contribute to your website visitor list. Has it been more than 4-5 years that you haven’t optimized your website? If the answer is yes, start hunting for a website design and development company to get updated with latest versions of trend immediately!

2. Is your website responsive to various mobile devices?

While the world is turning digital, it is also going mobile. Your website must look perfect with the various mobile gadgets in the market. If your website is compatible with these devices, you need not worry, but if not, you sure know how many potential customers you are losing! Get a responsive design and increase your reach beyond computer clients. Also, Google loves mobile-friendly websites, so your website is favored by Google too!

3. Do you have a hard time understanding the complex UI/UX?

28% of the visitors leave a website if it’s difficult to navigate and understand. Redesign your website in a way that even a 5th grader would easily navigate and guide you through.

Simpler the UI better the experience.           

4. Have you included/ updated social media buttons on your site?

It is very much possible that you do not have all your social media icons on your website since various social media handles are gaining importance due to their versatility like, meddle, Dashburst, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tinder etc. Having a social presence builds a sense of genuineness and trust amongst the audiences. It’s very important to engage with your visitors and increase the popularity of these social media accounts for your brand. Having these icons helps you connect easily and instantaneously.

5. Does your website deserve a comparison with competitors?

Get to some spying! We mean a little research about leading competitors in your industry. Check if your website stands anywhere in comparison with the competitors and if design, UI & UX the reasons for your failure. The first impression that your site makes on the visitor, makes or breaks his trust, make sure you have a competitive design to beat the beasts and leave a remark in visitor’s mind.

6. Are you facing less conversion and sales from your website?

Is your website getting you to the right audience and enough results? Time for a redesign! Hire a company to find low conversion rate issues and target them to get best results from the makeover! Poor design leads to lower engagement rates and fewer sales. Low conversations, low conversions!

Now that the skies are clear, make a bid and scrutinize your website design.

If you’ve nodded your head to every question above, do it over again with an agency with experience and don’t forget to check their work. We also have an infographic here to help you choose a web design company.

Good Luck with your website!

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