7 essentials of being sane and creative

November 06, 2015 Graphic Design

“Judge your own design! You are your best critique” are the words you will often hear in our studios. We have filled the place with amazing posters to boost over motivation but not everybody is so fortunate we know (just kidding, we are just so in love with our workplace, we can’t help it). So to provide you with a dose of the missing motivation and to make you realize decisive things more or less ignored, we are writing today.

Here are some quotes and sayings we preach,

1. “Don’t be a pet, be a free human”

Do what you feel is right. If you are doing what others want you to do, you are nothing different than a pet, who listens to his master only and uses no extra brains or should we say works on remote controls placed in other’s hands? If you want to be a human, a creative human, take a stand, do what you love and work for yourself more than anyone else! And above all judge yourself.

2. “Instinct and intuition are powerful. Learn to trust them”,

says John C Jay. Is he right? What does your instinct say? Question everyone and everything. Just because the internet says, don’t accept it to be a fact. Trust yourself, your inner voice and instincts more than your wife/girlfriend! By that, we mean trust it more than any force in this universe.

3. Work hard, party harder!

Don’t really know who said it but we believe it, we work our asses off and party like frogs! This is the only thing that prevails, working hard works in your favor when all else is lost. There is one thing about working hard, it’s easier said than done, in the rough phase people often tend to give up because they got options and they choose it. But it’s never about options, you’ve got to work hard if you are envying someone’s life right now.

4. You always have an option but it’s all about choices.

It’s the story of every face on Forbes magazine cover, at the awards or on TV, we are talking about that every person who has ever inspired you to become an inspiration to self. Everybody finds options while walking, it’s you who has to make the choice of either continuing or choosing the option to walk away with ease. You must see the road to achieving dreams with blurring all these options.

5. Stupid people either drive you crazy or make you one of them!

Don’t work for stupid people, it’s contagious and not good for a creative beings’ health. Highly avoid working with/for stupid people and now you know why. Well, we know why, it’s like re-doing and overdoing the already well-made road, dropping your nuts and bolts out and losing your mind! (Been there, done that).

6. Get off the computer, move away from the screens

And connect with nature, real people and culture to explore the vivid possibilities which are yet untouched or under-explored. Don’t limit your vision to the computer screens and the virtual world inside of it. Connecting with realistic beings makes you feel lively and creative.

7. Travel as much as you can.

It is a new and quite an overwhelming experience in all. It inspires the soul by the realization of its existence, makes you humble and opens your mind clogs. It’s awfully wonderful to experience the things you never knew existed and reminds you to be a learner always. Realize how much you don’t know and embrace it all.

So pick up your fallen pieces of brains and run!
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