7 Ways to Grab Eyeballs on Google

October 29, 2013 digital marketing

While getting listed on the first page of Google is an SEO dream come true, a generic listing won’t get you every single thing you desire. As yourself, what really makes your brand, business or service stand out from the rest? With the search engine competition as fierce as it is today, it is critical not to get left behind.

Here are some ways to get noticed on Google :

1. Have Relevant, Unique Page Titles

Page titles with at least 50-65 characters are excellent. The more the merrier, really. Consider the pixel width of your title tag, as many characters will not fit in words with wide letters. Anything with 70 characters or more will be ignored by Google and reported as a “Long title tag” error in Google Webmaster Tools. It is also important that your page title be relevant to your page topic. Localize your page and try to include your targeted key phrases in the beginning.

2. Create Search Engine Friendly URLs

Your domain name should ideally have your targeted keywords in it. But if it doesn’t don’t jump over backward to purchase an exact match domain name. Try to make your listing more relevant by using search engine friendly file names and permalink structures.

3. Add Calls-to-Action With Meta Descriptions

While your meta descriptions don’t really impact your rankings, it is a good way to encourage users to click your link over that of your competition. Mata tag descriptions should ideally range from 100 to 150 characters. Shorter or longer descriptions may lead to errors reported in Google Webmaster Tools. First, describe what the page about then asks the user to perform an action with the CTA you add.

4. Google Authorship

An effective way for your search result to stand out is Google authorship, especially if our brand lies in a niche space. SERPs are filled with all sorts of results if you Google anything SEO-related. But if your business revolved around something not very tech-savvy, your business would be the only one in the search results. It is easy to implement Google Authorship.

5. Google Local

It can be extremely beneficial to optimize your website, business, and brand for local. Tools likeGetListed.org. even let you review the accuracy of your business listings. Google understands more about your business when you claim your business listings and fill out your profile completely. Businesses that have more citations from high-quality websites tend to rank higher.

6. Personalized Annotations

People tend to trust something especially when it comes from someone they know. Personalized annotations, therefore, display the people who have already +1′d a blog post or a webpage. The likelihood of these annotations showing up in search results can be increased by adding a +1 button as well as a Google+ badge on your page.

7. Google Reviews

Google reviews are another great way to increase your local search rankings. Asking for a Google review as a vital part of your process in an effort to get noticed on Google.

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