A Matter Of Beauty – How Aesthetics Matter In Design

August 28, 2014 Graphic Design

How important is beauty and color in a website design?

In real life, beauty is a heated topic. There are those who believe that beauty is only skin deep, and those who consider it one of the paramount things in life. There is no denying that beauty opens doors; both literally and figuratively. Then why should you refrain from creating a beautiful design for your site, just because the pseudo-intellectuals would have it that way? Aesthetic graphic designing and functionality are not mutually exclusive and it is possible to have a design that is easy on the eye, as well as functions smooth.

Understanding the basics of aesthetics

Aesthetics is concerned with everything that appeals to the senses – it’s not only what we see, but also what we hear, taste , and feel. According to Wiki, aesthetics is also an examination of the “domain response to an object or phenomenon”. So it’s not just about the beauty but also how people react to the elements in the design and how the design in itself influences the viewer’s understanding and emotions.

Aesthetics can be cleverly used in design to influence cognition and communicate function. Fonts, colors, shading, shadows – all of these are visual methods of communicating to the user a certain intent. There is no right or wrong way to communicate this intent, but a slight understanding of consumer psychology will tell you a message that is conveyed in an attractive manner is likely to get more than its fair share of attention.

Product personality and its influence on people

When you think of an Indian vehicle that exemplifies endurance and durability, the Tata Safari springs to mind unbidden. The Royal Enfield brand is synonymous with long rides in treacherous terrain. And the Maruti 800 is India’s first family car. There claims made by these products are definitely supported by their performance features, but more importantly these brands have been capable of creating a certain product personality in our minds with their marketing strategies.

The same can also be said of design. Aesthetics in graphic designing play a vital role in creating product personality – the ethos of the website if you will. And this is what the consumer will remember about the site long after his first visit. The personality that you create for your site will determine how much trust the user places in your brand, and the perception and expectations associated with your brand. For instance, Apple as a brand has been associated with sleekly designed electronics for so long that if the company decides to change its product design and personality overnight, the market would be highly enraged.

Consumers ‘choose’ to use products that they feel are an extension of their own personalities. And using the right design and graphic elements can help you create a product personality that connects with your target audience. In design, beauty is much more than mere decoration. Form and functionality do not necessarily have to exist on separate planes. The next time someone tells you otherwise, you can point them to this page!

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