Arm Yourself With High-Quality Content In Five Simple Steps

October 29, 2013 Content Writing

Creating original, engaging, relevant and creative content is vital to hook your target audience. Your business needs to offer something to your audience that they find hard to resist and of much value. Your content should leave your target audience with an urge to interact with it, like it, share it, and tweet about it. Businesses must move into content marketing by using their articles, blog posts, and videos to enamor and hook audiences in an effort to drive more traffic and increase leads.

Here are five simple steps to arm yourself with engaging, contagious and compelling content that will make your audience sit up and take notice of you :

1. Get to know your audience well

Before you start devising content, you need to understand the consumer to whom it is targeted. It is important to know what makes your consumer ticks. Different kinds of people find different types of creative content appealing. Be sure that you know exactly who you are targeting in order to tailor-make your content to appeal to them from the word – go. Make sure all your content is edited so that no spelling mistakes or bad grammar taints your content and leads to your brand losing its credibility or its audience.

2. Make sure your content is compelling

While you are producing your creative content, avoid big blocks of content like the plague. People will view this as too text-heavy and will only skim the surface of the content in question. Worse still, they might even end up losing interest after the first few sentences. One way to avoid this is to keep using a lot of images to break the clutter of too much text. A great way to do this is to use five or six paragraphs of text per page which is appropriately interspersed with high-quality images.

3. Mix your media up

Creative content does not only refer to things that are textual in nature. High-quality content may also include videos, slideshows, playlists, photos, recipes and so much more that connects to your user and keeps them engaged across an assortment of formats.

4. Present your consumer with much more

If your creative content seems compelling enough, your target audience will be hungry for more. When you offer them the option to ‘read more’ or ‘sign up’ for more, share your content with others, or even give you feedback, you are taking your interaction to the next level.

5. Try not to pitch but present value not a instead

Some of the most creative content focuses on entertaining, educating and providing value to a consumer instead of hard-selling a product or service. User can see right through pointless content that has no value has been created only to boost SEO numbers. Instead of pitching your brand to them, why not identify how your audience can benefit from it and how you can captivate them.

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